In the obscurity of the desert, 40 slow decades passed

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the 40 years in the desert - a different perspective...

In the obscurity of the desert, slow decades passed

In the obscurity of the desert, slow decades passed. It was an excruciating season of unending funerals, burials, trepidations, and deep sadness. The fullness of the Leviticus diktats were spoken to the people – the Sabbath law, food laws, medicinal statues, and all societal, spiritual, and ceremonial decrees; Israel bared its teeth repeatedly against Law.
A stranger named Salim, the Mamzer son of an Israelite woman and an Egyptian penetrated the demarcation of the Israelite camp, claiming his right to pitch his tent anywhere without restriction or discrimination.
Had not the strangers fought and died for Israel too? We had nothing to do with the twelve spies, yet we swelter under the death sentence innocently, without guilt, and without reprieve. Why are we still loved-less than the Chosen, who messed up and angered the living God? It was mass punishment and it wasn’t fair.
The law of The One regarding the strangers divided the nation between them and Israel to the third generation – then they would be fully integrated and spiritually grafted into the tribes by the Priests. But until then, divine law criminalized Salim’s action.
A riotous dispute arose between him, his followers, and the tribe of Dan; tens thousands strangers rose to his defense causing deep polarity within the diversity of Israel.
The judges ruled by the statues of The One, ordering him to re-pitch his tent on the stranger’s camp immediately. Back grounded by a mob of his kinsmen, righteous indignation and accusations of segregation exploded - spiced heavily with uncontrollable anger. Salim cursed the judges and the name of The One for treating those he confessed to love so unfairly.
He was instantly arrested. Soldiers held the surging mobs back with weapons drawn and brought him before Moses, accused of cursing his parents.
Moses discerned the judges wanted blood because of his violent blasphemy. He never cursed his parents, but cursed the names of God. There was no law against his actions, no matter how nefarious, so Moses ordered Salim to be guarded until The One spoke. It didn’t take long.
The next day, Salim came before the people surrounded by a contingent of heavily armed soldiers, as his family’s screams for mercy cut deep in Moses’s heart. The strangers sensed the bad news.
Above the chaos surrounding him, Moses spoke, “The One has pronounced your sentence, Salim. He told me to tell you and the children of Israel, saying, “Whosoever curses his God shall bear his sin. And he that blasphemes the name of the Lord, he shall surely be put to death, and the congregation shall certainly stone him: as well the stranger, as he that is born in the land, when he blasphemes the name of the Lord, shall be put to death.
Amongst the deafening chaos, Salim that very hour was taken outside of the camp of Israel, as thousands surrounded him. The judges solemnly gave witness to the sin by putting their hands upon his head. And a trembling distraught Salim looked sadly down at the ground as Aaron stepped forward, asking for any last words for the Lord.
With tears he spoke. “I apologize for my behavior to The One, for I have seen his power and majesty throughout these decades. I ask him to hold not my sin against my family, for I was wrong. And I earnestly ask the Lord to accept me into his congregation, and the eternities he created me for. Pray for my soul, and understand I am a hotheaded stupid man. Forgive me mother, forgive me wife, and…”
He choked fitfully looking into the distraught faces of his children and family; fell to his knees weeping bitterly. And Aaron blessed him and prayed for him, while the congregation prayed for his soul. And then they picked up stones and stoned him to death in the name of The Holy One.
And over the next couple of days, The One gave numerous new commands to the nation to deal with similar offenses. And Moses faithfully added them to his writings as a testament for the generations of the earth, that there was a God who entwined himself into the affairs of mankind for his holy determination
There was festering discontent against The One throughout the stranger’s demarcation. Why was there discrimination when God supposedly was no respecter of person? Why were they second-class citizens, less loved? Was not The One a God to them too? Why would The One make a new law cruelly retroactive – after the fact? It just wasn’t right. Salim was correct, told the truth and was righteous. God was evil for murdering Salim – no matter what excuse he gave. Even Moses’ Egyptian wife felt offended. The Holy One just wasn’t fair.
And Luciah and his hordes within the membranes fanned the fires of their silent discontent, sending many to Hades, because of the hardness in their heart against their Creator.
Mankind refused to accept death was wonderful; the flesh was something cursed, something inundated with lethal self-righteousness, something constantly wounding the soul it harbored, something called a brutal warzone – something stupid retarded.
Every soul cleaved manic unnaturally to its greatest enemy - enforced intimacy with the adversary created a sick unholy alliance and the unbreakable bond fueled by rancid fear - for the fear of death cracked the bedrock of every soul. The release from the flesh was the greatest gift The One could give – to become again a number of life, to forever be with the Lord in a perfect spiritual body – to again be an indestructible breathing in the vacuums of space.
And every Angel knew even Hades was better than the flesh, for it was the couch purposely designed to destroy the fidelity of the soul it harbored; a cruel journey every soul trembled to enter, and howled mightily to stay – a paradox of humongous inanity.
The One heard Salim’s humble prayer and was merciful, for Salim’s entire family over the age of twenty died peacefully in their sleep three days later. They were reunited in the Paradise Universe, on the locked planet of Paradise, once again a number of life: an Angel – waiting for the promise of the Messiah. There were no tears in paradise; they were comforted as the Continuum engulfed the planet.
And Salim and the whole planet shouted with joy, reuniting, remembering anew the Heaven of old, and celebrating with the brothers they had always loved throughout the backward eternities, who had died in the fishbowl universe before them. But back on the dusty desert the wailing of the strangers continued throughout the night, as hardness manifested as to what The One had done to Salim and his entire family.
During the continuing decades Lucifer fanned the lie they were loved-less, not repairable, something spiritually inferior in the eyes of The One because of the Salim’s execution. Therefore, the strangers became an irremovable thorn in Israel’s side, as they repeatedly turned to other gods, refusing to renounce their idolatry. Yet, their outward behavior modeled excellent citizenship. Corrupted with low self-esteem, spiritual strife, the strangers practiced all manners of disgruntled against The One. Many were stoned for rebelling against the newly instituted Sabbath laws. The undercurrent of palpable discontent permeated even into the Chosen camp, causing migraines born of angry exasperation to those who led Israel. Even Aaron’s family wasn’t immune – two of his sons were killed by The One for their disobedience.
The sad decades of aimless wanderings were almost over, and the unending funerals slowly abated. The dead and dying was a constant reminder of the One’s judgment, and the flesh rebelled passive-aggressive, knowing their fate was sealed; but they continued in hardness of heart, until their strength was taken, their eyes glazed, and death overtook them…

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Great story, and thank you for sharing.

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nice one Twe

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