In defence of traditional families

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Who is to stay at home? Young children need to meet one of the two parents when they arrive home from school. Many children wished to see and stay more with their parents as their favourite Christmas present.

In defence of traditional families

I know that some of my former communist comrades or past friends won't like a bit what I'm to write. They might as well insult me or call me names, but to be honest, I couldn't care less about what they think of me. This is in defence of traditional families.
For many years, and even decades, all of us, women from the Western Hemisphere, have been said, and I'd say brainwashed, that we had to study and to have a job of our own that provides with our own income and to be independent from our partners or husbands.
This is fine when one is still a single, but what happens if one wants to marry and to have children? Here comes the problem.
Say that a man and a woman have decided to marry and to have children. Both of them have studied and have good jobs to provide them with equally good salaries. They will, of course, be able to provide their children with a good place to live, good schools, clothing, food and even luxury holidays, but this couple will have to work for a good amount of hours everyday. These children will spend their time in creches, schools, with child minders or at the very best with their grannies, but they will hardly see their parents, because they will have to work long hours to be able to provide them with everything. Is it worth it?
I remember a statistic read just before Christmas time. They had interviewed an amount of children to ask them what was the present they wanted most and all of them replied that they wanted to see and to stay with their parents more. Amazing. Isn't it? They didn't want a newest electronic gadget or whatever is in the market, but all of them wanted to see and stay with their parents more as their best present for Christmas. That says something.
If a man and a woman decide to live together whether married or not and they want to have children, one of the two have to stay at home. Whoever of them have a good job and, therefore, it'll be the one of them who has the best job and salary, the one to work outside, but obviously not the two of them.
One of the two of them has to look after the house and the children. Young children need something more than a fancy house and all the luxuries on Earth. They need to see their parents when they arrive home from school. Not even the best of childminders can't take over from a mother or a father for hours on end.
Not even a granny, knowing how well they're going to be with them and that they're going to spoil them rotten.
With a single salary, parents won't be able to grant them with all the luxuries. They most probably will only be able to provide them with the basics, but they will definitely give what children want, that is, to see and stay with their parents more.
This stance will anger to many women from the Women's Liberation movement and they may say I am a backward person, but it's been long since I discovered that the famed Women's Liberation movement as we knew it has been a scam. Its main aim was to destroy traditional families to turn us into mere consumers and slaves of the system separately.

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6th Aug 2016 (#)

Hi Vicky, I just logged in here again and happy to visit your latest post. I have not been active posting lately but I do come here from time to time.

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