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Children,you can fight and argue with your mothers, but the truth remains-unconditional and pure love keep your strings attached no matter what!

The years that spelled T.R.O.U.B.L.E

For married couples, living separately from both sides of parents is the must-thing to do. This is natural, especially if you are still starting to make a family of your own.

When my husband and I got married nine years ago (we wed in June 2005), our option was to live with my parents for sometime until we find a place to start a family life. My first daughter came three years after our marriage. We both have stable jobs but I insisted to remain in my parents house for a so self-centered reason- living away from my mother will give me sleepless nights. I told him I would definitely miss my mom if we go. For the love of me, and so my husband headed my plea.

Two years after our eldest was born, our second and youngest child came. And thinking that we were not a burden to my parents, we still settled with them. A few years later, as kids were growing, the space in the house became thinner and chaotic. Toys were found everywhere, clothes were placed in the couch, make-up kits destroyed, and so on and so forth.

My mom began calling our attention and we felt offended, because it sounded as order rather than request. As parents, we felt slighted the way she said things about our children. I exchanged words with my mom, some maybe hurtful because days later, I found myself packing our things and moving out of my parents house.

Doing things our own...

Tucking our three-year old daughter and our one-year old baby with us, we found an apartment which was situated in the next town. We hired a nanny to look for them during the days while my husband and I were at our offices. Juggling between work and family, the nights for both my husband and I became so stressful as we had to attend to household chores after work. Also, the expenses had piled up because this time, we only have ourselves to shoulder all of them-water bill, electric bill, salary for the nanny, grocery, etc. These became so heavy for both my husband and I, trying to meet both ends.

The realization

After that argument with my mother, we became silent opponents. There were no light conversations between the two us. Whenever we see each other on occasions, we just stared or we were only civil to each other.

As years passed, family problems started to be out of hand. Financial problems frequently came, our children became sickly and work became very demanding. During some of our "before-we-go-to-sleep' conversations, my husband and I often mentioned about how things became so tough and hard for our family. He would mention about my feud with my mom, which for sometime became an emotional baggage . At times when a problem just popped up, I felt helpless and suicidal. But thank God there was my hubby who constantly reminds me to be hopeful and just surrender everything to God. He also kept on reminding to patch things with my mother, so that whatever emotional stress I was having at that time could be released.

Kiss and Make-up

To make the story short, I settled things with my mother. Although there was not a confrontation, still matters were cleared and we settled without conditions. My mother was very unconditional with her love for me and my family. She, I believe, was even more affectionate to my two adorable daughters than me. She never left our side even if I deprived her a lot of chances to cuddle and hug my precious ones.

Until these days, even if at times when a heated argument may arise, I became so open-minded with little things that can be sorted out as an advice rather than a reprimand especially if it came from my loving mother, who in this whole wide world, will always be the wind beneath my wings.


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