In Respect of National Missing Children's Day

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In acknowledging National Missing Children's Day, it's a sad time to reflect on. Remembering those innocent lives snatched away by tragedy seems more than a sane individual could bear. Seems scarey, cruel,senseless and rather cruel but it continues by the day, hour, minute, second internationally.

National Missing Children's Day Recognized

Glancing through the local newspaper, I noticed one of the headlines about National Missing Children's Day. Wow, as I read this right away I thought, it is so great that they are making this a day of recognition calling national attention to this sad tragedy in our country. After seemingly gratefulness for this recognition, then sadness seemed to overshadow the overall thought of recognition.

But once past the appreciation of the recognition and calling more public attention to the issue, my heart stopped for what seemed like an eternity.

1) Aren't children supposed to be the reward of life? (African Proverb)
2) Aren't children supposed to be a new joy in a family?
3) Aren't we parents supposed to be responsible for the well-being of our children?
4) Aren't children supposed to be free to explore in the family's natural environment?

Then, why do we have so many missing children that we find it necessary to have a national day to bring this plight to more of the forefront.

Why Are Children Missing?

There are many reasons why children are missing. This is a tragedy that many of us did not grow up with but learn about more and more missing children on a daily basis. Sometimes children we may know from our respective neighborhoods are missing, while at times they seem far away from where we live.

One thing that we have found for sure is that the proximity, location, family structure, race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status does not matter. After all we have a child who is missing.

Each time a child is missing, we find that there were different occurrences, so there is no pattern for us to be so aware of. There is no certain profile of people who may abduct or kidnap children.
We find again that there seems to be no stipulation on which child may be abducted or kidnapped. But there seems to be some positive connections between persons the child may be familiar with vs. complete strangers.
We find that those who seek to participate in these mean, senseless activities do not seem to have special limitations on age, sex, race,ethnicity, etc. What some researchers are finding is that some abductors/kidnappers may have a preference for sex and age of the child. This, however, may not be a guarantee.

Children are mostly missing because someone took them! While there are a few runaways, the data collected certainly shows more of child snatchings and luring in tricky ways of the innocent.

Why Are Children Abducted?

Children are abducted usually by an adult who usually have stalked out areas of interest where children may travel. Children are abducted by bold adults who prey on helpless children and often find themselves as powerful with the actions they take. Some experts who have done substantial research and tried to reach into the minds of child molesters, sex offenders, abductors, kidnappers and child murderers. Often the interviews yielded senseless unfathomable information about who would even think about abducting, exploiting or hurting a young child.

Victims of Abductions

Often those who have been abducted whether freed or who are never returned, find themselves confused as to the realities of what really happened to them. Families of children who have been abducted have as one of it's greatest fears of never seeing the child again. Many have nightmares of how the child is being treated with all hopes that they are not being severely abused. Many pray for miracles of the child safely escaping or of someone recognizing the child because of pictures posted all over the world and on the Missing and Exploited Children's website.

There are some positive ends to some of the stories every time a child is saved, returned home or escaped. Recently, there have been some stories of someone finding some of the missing children and adults. Some have been able to return to their families for many privately-kept reasons.

Regardless of any of the aforementioned examples, these children and adults are victims of abductions.

Child Prostitutes

Unfortunately one of the sad events that has been happening recently is that young girls and boys are being lured into situations where they are given information of hope- such as working and having a little job such as mowing grass, cleaning, washing dishes, etc. only to find themselves being taken to strange environments that they shockingly can not escape.

They then are forced into prostitution because of customers who seek pleasure in sex with innocent minor children. As a black-market, undercover, money making business, children have become international means of income for many. Many of these children are forced into abusive situations, taking away their childhood, never to regain. Most pray just for their safety. They work, but for no income and no freedom.

Tips For Children

Law Enforcement, school officials and those who work with children, try to think of the most important tips for children to make them less likely to to be kidnapped, abducted or victimized. With the reminders and tips, those who help with the tips worry because innocent young children forget easily and need to be reminded on a regular and on-going basis. Still the ploys and luring of those so experienced in exploiting children often outweigh the thoughts and impromptu actions of an innocent child. Experts know that telling children just to be ware of strangers is not just enough. But they must also be told to be aware of those with whom they may also be familiar. Scary, but true. Telling children to be aware of their surroundings, always looking around and being extra careful. Many worry about whether we are making children extra paranoid when the realities are that there is a small number who are abducted or kidnapped. But then there is the stoppage of, but what if it is just this one child? They also recommend that for children, especially those who are walking to try to do so in small groups and at least with one other person.

Tips For Parents

Parents are more worried today everywhere that childre usually find as favorite places. Parks, playgrounds, amusement centers, malls, theaters, libraries, community agencies and neighborhood sites have become hang-outs also for people looking to kidnap and abduct children. Many appear to be interested in children and have their well-being at heart. These are more reasons why parents are extra nervous. One tip that is highly recommended for parents is to not let young children wander the neighborhood aimlessly, or without an adult. One major statement that kidnappers have alluded to is how they look for children who seem uncared for, lonely, alone or needed attention. Parents are encouraged to have their children come straight home from school, not talk to strangers, not take rides, candy or gifts, nor acknowledge strangers who may be trying to grasp their attention. Not only do they need to be aware of strangers, but unfortunately everyone, even those they may know. Sad as it is, parents find this difficult to explain to children.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Everyday law enforcement and experts all over the world are trying to continue to find answers. Because every situation is so different, there are no certain answers. Recently there was a local case where a 43 year-old male grabbed two three year-olds, kidnapped them and put them in a trash can about two miles away from where they were located. Luckily law enforcement found the two children alive. Some of these actions are senseless and all of it mean, but there is no one way to inform families or how to be prepared. One thing for sure is not taking our eyes off of our children! So where do we go from here, all of us must work together. If we know that there are predators or if our children warn us about some fears about certain people, we need to pay close attention to them as well as keeping our own eyes open. We do hope and pray that we can see a decrease in these occurrences as we strive to save the children.


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thank you for this and I can only send light and loving to all those missing children and their parents....

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