Imminence of the Rapture - The Greatest Sign

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Women are taking over responsibilities in all spheres of life while men, unknowingly, are heading for disaster.

Power to women

The greatest present-day sign of the nearness of Christ's second coming is the transfer of power to women, now escalating at a rapid pace all over the world. It is taking place in both the private and public sectors. This is not just a natural trend taking place as a consequence of the 'emancipation' of the fairer sex. It is a supernatural phenomenon nobody can stop.

Humanity is not in control of its destiny. The physical world is a product of the spirit world and the latter holds sway over its creation. Even as individuals we are orchestrated as to our very place of habitation and general direction in life, all for a purpose. And out of this cauldron of supernaturally-induced cause and effect has emerged a quantum surge towards the consummate destiny for mankind - the closing of the lid for the final simmer.

Men still want to be boys

Men, in general, are failures. To put it bluntly, they marry for sex and while in matrimony they also seek it elsewhere while expecting their wives to serve them hand and foot. Alongside this caveman approach is a never-ending boyish tendency to find pleasure in self-gratifying activities such as golf days, drinks with the boys and discussions about the next car they would like to buy. Wives and children are left to sort themselves out at home and even if men are present, they find their escape by watching sport on television.

Men have failed to fulfill their God-given role to lead and head the family in accordance with His Word. Is it any wonder then that roles are being switched?

Battle on the horizon

There is a battle looming. And it is on the horizon. It is called the Great Tribulation. Men have always been assigned to fight battles on the fields of war and this seven-year purge upon mankind is going to all but annihilate the male population of the earth, leaving a ratio of approximately seven females to one male to continue life on this speck of dust hurtling around the sun. Does this explain why women need to start taking over the reins at home and run matters while the men are being slaughtered en masse? It certainly seems so. "And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, we will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach." (Isaiah 4:1)

Wealth, power and greed

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, leading up to this forthcoming destruction, mankind is hard at work fighting amongst themselves for wealth, power and supremacy - and vying for the hosting of huge sporting events at the neglect of the poor and the hungry and de-prioritizing the need to focus on crime and drug addiction. Yes, we have our very own self-imposed battlefield of death and destruction. Does anyone care? Of course not! There's that Wednesday round of golf to play and a Friday business lunch to attend.


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author avatar aden kendroemen
29th Dec 2010 (#)

An interesting prospect Sir, personally I welcome a change, no matter what it may be. Anything to break up the banality of a world without clear purpose. Long have we known what needs to be done, for ourselves and the world at large, yet we are still dragging our feet. The pursuit of material comfort, a means to distract ourselves from our abysmal failure. The attention sought from our creator, an impetus for the continuance of our social ills. We are as children, seeking attention by any means, positive or negative, as long as we get some reaction from our God. The mind of a child needs constant reinforcement of physically present attention, so it is with us, we must take the step into spiritual adulthood. Then our eyes will be made clear to the existence of our creator, with proofs no longer sought or necessary. I do believe a trial of our own making is coming, something to shake the foundations of our twisted use of the gifts given us. I concurrently believe that our creator has no hand in it. For god is love, without the blemish of human agenda. What we do with the life breathed into us is our concern only. The choice to seek outside of ourselves for help from the hand of god; or assume the responsibility ourselves and realize the true nature of our spirit in gods image, will be the ultimate test. I would also add that we will indeed past the test, after having created a condition that can no longer be tolerated, we will finally move forward. The tribulations experienced, but the birth pangs of the evolution of the human spirit towards godhood.

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author avatar Duane Gilchrist
30th Jun 2011 (#)

Hi Jack, good point about the women! Your article is well and tightly written. Thanks for your comment. I just discovered Wikinut and am pleased for a way to get my accumulated "stuff" more exposed!

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author avatar Jack Vorster
30th Jun 2011 (#)

Thanks Duane. Looking forward to your articles to come.

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