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Birth of babies during relationship, long term or short term what ever!
Attention those teenagers who are living with the term of long term relation ship and producing illegitimate children. Maybe your illegitimate child will sue for his/her losses.

First Gift of Love i. e. illegitimate baby?

Love is so sweet fixation on the earth. Almost every one is involved in love, only few end up on marriage, while remaining like to have it as long term relationship or just a relationship, girlfriend or boyfriend. In various cultures this love starts from the age of 14 or more earlier. In Islam culture, love is acceptable up to some extent but status of living under any relation except marriage is not allowed. Mostly Western non Muslim cultures believe on this status of living, without marriage.

Up to living in any status is fine, but delivery of a baby without marriage is very difficult to digest. In most hospitals, in the west they do not ask name of father of the baby in their admission forms there is a column of name of mother. In Islam culture there is no concept of a bastard or illegitimate baby, this word of bastard and illegitimate came from the west, if western culture have no problem with such illegitimate babies then why they give such babies a title of illegitimate or bastard? why not just a normal baby? In west sexual relationships is legally not allowed for less than 16 of age, then why they do not punish those parents who become parents before the age of 16? meet with 13 years old father

Those children who have single parent, they have some sort of deficiency in their brought up and lack of education as well, who is the responsible of this great deficiency in some one's life? system? Government? or parents? if an illegitimate child wish to sue for the loss he/she suffers due to single parent, to whom he/she can claim compensation? who will be nominated criminal or responsible for that claim? Love is beautiful and sweet if finished on marriage, but without marriage what is the gift you are giving to this universe? an illegitimate child? what are the losses to such children please read this article also and see a comment of a teenager who lives with single parent "i am 18 years old and my mom was a single parent all my life. I have two sisters one 19 and one 23. I love all my family but i would like to know how it feels to have a father in my life just to go fishing,look at football on Sunday or just do things that females can't do. Some people have a father and some people have a mother but it was fun growing up without a father

According to English common law there are harsh penalties on an illegitimate child, denying the child inheritance and property rights. For reference please see this link

Just imagine that if your illegitimate baby become a Lawyer and may be he get hurts if some one realize him that he is an illegitimate baby and if he feel his insult and he/she sue you in the court of law and blame on you that you are responsible for his/her this status of birth, did you ever think that how much amount of that sue can be? may be 5...or may be 10 Million Dollars or Sterling pounds. Do you have this much money? so think twice before you plan a baby without marriage.

I want to divert the attention of those lawyers who are now new in their job, to find out a couple of illegitimate children and with their consent sue the parents of those children with an enormous amount of compensation. Once if you stand successful, you will become a multimillionaire soon.


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