If you sit and wait, learn to hope.

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The life of a child should not be sad life of a child must know that has value and know that there is in this era, and therefore we must love and family around us.

Fight for your kids and love.

Have a family is the greatest joy one can have a child, that comes first, and after a mother's happiness when he sees that the family is united and has children by her side.
Terrible is that sometimes not all we have a beautiful family and a smile at the door, although all dream to be happiest with a large family.
As we know, can not really always to be with the family, they often can not have part of our mother or our father, that each of us has a limited life.

But I learned something from all this and do not want to get away from life until we see each are somewhat close to their home and have a good future ahead.
At the slightest mistake each payment and the plant runs through the mother or without their children, which for us can not be called next, someone disappears once you look beside you and how are you called or more do you live.

It is sad to see a child that has no mother or that can remain orphan is unimaginable thing that makes you think and makes you cry practical.
Therefore, we need to know something magical in every life we need a thread of happiness that you must not ever forget, when you're with Mom.

As much as we want a spirit of peace, however much always dreamed of reality leads us to a dream that is not always true, but can we pull down the silence, whenever we try to gather strong teeth to be well, we will not always see the sun shine we need to be very steep path can.

But one thing is clear, yes we have to fight, to believe in ourselves and say that yes we have everything we need and we have two parents who love us even though we arrived at an age that we do not even expect that our parents to think about us, because we reached old age.

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Great article! Children are our gift from God. We have to treasure them, care for them, do anything required for them, protect them always.

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