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If slavery is to return in modern times, with girls being sold naked, would there be any room for Islam to survive? IS truly has others fooled.

Analyse slavery

When sold as slave, can there be propagation? If the naked girl who is bought as slave gets pregnant, would there be medical care for her? After all, she is "investment". What happens if she gives birth to a male progeny? Would there not be dispute within the family for sharing of parent's wealth? Would there be no resentment against the slave master for not providing enough. Is it not breaking down the evolved fabric? Is that what Koran wants? How come Idi Amin and other Muslim leaders, including Akbar did not resort to this sort of interpretation of Koran/Quran? Were they fools? Either they were right, or IS is right. If the slave girl gives birth to a girl, then of course, the master gets to use his own flesh and blood as merchandise. Right?

Girls everywhere are at risk

The more beautiful they are, the younger they are, the risk of kidnapping increases. And kidnapping and escaping from the police forces in different countries costs money. Right?
Never thought there will be a time when women would be glad they are older and not so good looking. But the time has just arrived. Human traffickers have just got a boost in their arms with the new market for girls.

Naked? A religion that speaks so highly of hijab..

How can IS claim to be even a band of Muslims with such blatant defiance of tenets followed by Muslims for centuries?

Why IS is anti-Allah

Koran promises virgins after death to jihadis. These people offer virgins during lifetime. Does that not render Allah's "jannat" waste?

What is IS?

IS is just a bunch of young disillusioned Muslims who are unable to decipher why Afghanistan happened, why Iraq happened, why Kuwait happened, and why Lebanon, Palestine etc. happened. Every war leaves some children helpless, parent less. These people are exploited, and they develop their own ideas about god or allah. No elders are around to guide them, and soothe their hearts. They have watched gory deaths of loved ones at an impressionable age, and therefore, they are annoyed with the world that it did nothing against mayhem. Their hearts are so filled with hatred that there is no room for love. Sex yes, love no. It is their way to get even with the world. They regard women as weakness, because their object is to capture the world. They started with collecting stray arms of fallen soldiers from either side. Being young they may also have been taught to use it as defense by one of their own, who may have thought they need to protect themselves and it is Allah's misfortune that those who taught them spoke of Allah. So brain wires are aligned to believe that it is a holy war that they are waging - who would dare to guide them with such deeply seated beliefs - even Muslims would not. The arms were and are used for extortion, and monies are used to recruit new Internet savvy people into the group in the name of Allah apart from financing drug trade, arms trade, arms purchase, and human trafficking. Facebook and other social networking sites help. And of course, they are ruthless thanks to the world not having thought of adopting those helpless children...and giving them enough love. Oppressive heat in the region easily ignites their passion.

What will it do to Muslims

The world will increasingly identify IS with Muslims. More discrimination is in store for them. Such isolation will ironically drive them towards IS than against it. Even educated and technology savvy muslims will feel frustrated because of bias and choose better of the two for themselves. But it will also reduce their populations as required infrastructure that the world is now so accustomed to for birth and bringing up of children will be the last priority. Uncertainty about life will prevent IS men from marrying, but they would not mind siring a few through slaves, and would be indifferent to women folk as well as children. The children too will come up with similar lack of empathy.

What should the world do?

We need to get real. A cut off date for truce and settling things needs to be developed. Revisiting the source of conflict - British Mandate of Palestine to see if there can be an amicable way out through dialogues may be a way. Negotiations, negotiations, negotiations, and negotiations in open - telecast across the world. Reasonable approach. Not arbitrary stuff because it is our women and children who would be drawn in that whirlpool. We have done enough damage to our world's atmosphere. Let us, at least leave some peaceful time behind for coming generations to focus on survival.


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author avatar snerfu
22nd May 2015 (#)

Survival means different things in different parts of the world. Yet, that is the basis for all rationalism, if not reality itself.
I think you are drawing a line too fine between the two. After all, they do not have options, do they?
"More to be pitied, than censured" comes to mind.
Nice article Vandana.

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author avatar vandana7
22nd May 2015 (#)

I admit slave trade continues in form of human trafficking. But officially, it did not exist and there are laws against it in all countries. When IS chooses to strip the girls and sell them, it is its way to mock at the world, you did not help us then, we will do this to your women kind. True they deserve some pity. But I hope the next time those war plans are drawn the people will think of such outcomes as well.

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