I'm Delivered from Seven Types of Abuse: My Testimony Story and Stance on Cyberbullying

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Types of abuse and afflictions flourish in this world. The web world has become a virtual abuse-fest for cyberbullies and other cybercriminals. Abusers of every type, have found a new way to hurt innocent people. Why do I care and why do I speak out so passionately in defense of victims? What does defending and protecting others have to do with the Gospel? What would Jesus do and how did Christ deliver me? Please read this article and I shall tell you.

Abuse in the Church and the Seven Types of Abuse I'm Delivered from

The devil certainly targeted my life from birth to adulthood. I can relate to every type of abuse on the planet. Cyberbullying and stalking on-line or off, is no different from abuse in person. I will stand up and defend victims until kingdom come. I don't intend to sit by praying in a corner, when children or adults are being abused .Abuse is extremely destructive to adults as well as children. I'm quite fed up of churches who blab about forgiveness and prayer, while they allow innocent children to suffer all types of abuse, behind church walls. The sexual abuse festival in churches is an abomination. Please be advised that Christ considers these filthy folk abominable ,demented, sick, detestable wolves in sheep's clothing.

Matthew 7:15 -16 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits...

So then, Jesus says that child molesting and other types of abuse, in churches, are the rotten fruits produced by false prophets. The first line of action is to get these wolves out of the church. We can not pray and forgive while allowing criminals to remain behind the pews.

Churches must get their priorities straight. Abuse of any type, whether it be cyberbullying, cyberstalking, or otherwise, is abominable. Case closed!
Those who sit back and allow it must stand up! Victims need support and help. Abusers must be prosecuted and jailed. Abusers of every type and scope must be called into account.

I'm totally against the abuse of innocent people. If you abuse a kitten or squirrel, I'll be on you like white on rice. Those who are abused by cyberbullies and the like need help and support. They need the support and understanding of friends. The problem with abuse of any type is that people may turn their backs or not know how to help. I consider it my job to expose abusers as sick troubled individuals. Both abuser and victim can find relief and help when we call a spade a spade. Abusers are mentally disturbed and need to be revealed as such. Once a cyberbully, or molester is exposed their power diminishes.

As for me, I was delivered from the following seven types of abuse:

1. Domestic Violence

2. Spiritual Abuse

3. Incest

4. Rape

5. Emotional abuse

6. Verbal abuse

7. Serial Stalking

My life was one long nightmare of abuse, but I thank the Lord Jesus that the dark days have gone. Only God could have healed the extensive damage, those seven types of abuse caused. God is a miracle worker and divine healer. I thank God that I've been delivered from drug addiction and clinical depression. I know, first hand, how cyberbullying, bullying, domestic violence, incest and all other abominable abuses can destroy spirits and souls.

If you'd like to read my FREE guide to deliverance from depression, please let me know...

Why do I speak so passionately Against Cyberbullying and all Types of Abuse

All types of abuse can crush the spirit and the soul. All types of abuse can lead innocent people to end their lives. Suicide, drug addiction, clinical depression and other afflictions, can latch onto victims and destroy them. I can attest to that and have written my story of how Christ delivered me. Victims are not to be afflicted this way. The affliction must fall on the abuser. Affliction must fall on cyberbullies and stalkers. Afflictions must fall on rapists and abusers. Affliction and destruction, must come to those who murderously abuse and hurt others. Church abusers are not exempt. Abuse of any type is criminal period! The best sympathy for cyberbullies, stalkers and abusers is punishment to the full extent of the law. I finally stood up to every single one of my abusers. Two are saved today. Two of my abusers received Christ and deliverance. They needed confrontation and exposure. Law enforcement action was paramount. When abusers sit in a jail cell, they can start to think. Once behind bars, and/or openly exposed, abusers of every type, can realize they are social deviants Then healing can begin. My passion for supporting victims and taking a stand stems from this fact. What did Christ come for? One of the reasons He came was to set captives free and protect God's children. Why should followers of Christ go against God's mandates.

John 8:36 If the son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed
Abuses of every type are forms of captivity!

The church and church leaders love to leave me comments about forgiveness and prayer, they forget that Faith includes prayer and action. Faith without works is dead faith. I'm sure church leaders can agree That Jesus would not sit praying, while kids are molested by religious leaders. Really! Let's come out of the clouds and protect folk with actions. Of course we pray and forgive but do so as you remove abusers, stopping them from criminal acts against others. This is divine commen sense.
Cyberbullies are the new scourge against society. All humanity must unify against them and seek to dish out the appropriate consequences.
For more information about abuse and cyber abuse go here:

What you Must do for Victims of Cyberbullying and Other Types of Abuse

Abuses of any type, as far as I'm concerned are akin to getting shot in the heart. I spent 10 years in counseling, five years as an addict and traveled about weeping on buses and trains. I'm telling you now, I was as the walking dead. I can not and will not stand by, while criminals seek to devour others and destroy. I know what cyberbullying, stalking, domestic violence, sexual abuse can do to a persons spirit. It is by God's power, through salvation, that I'm a new person on a mission to help the abused. I'm free from abuse, happy and satisfied with the glorious life God has graced me with. I'm healed and delivered. I have a new job and calling. I'm a certified support group leader and life coach. I delight in all God has done in my life. I'm thankful! Jesus is a savior and deliverer, seek him and receive him. Yet, neither you nor I should stand by while others are hurt. Do all you can, in regards to cyberbullying and abuse. Bullies, child molesters and other types of abusers feed on fear. Bust their bubble with shows of strength and unity. Cantact law enforcement agencies and mental health professionals. Stand up for the abused in church or out.
For more information about mental health services for cyberbullies and other types of abusers please go here:

My Closing Words and Disclaimer

Types of abuse run the gamut from cyberbullying to child sexual molestation. If you do your part in reporting, exposing, prosecuting and supporting victims, this will help cleanse society of these deviants and give abusers chance for transformation. When people unify changes can occur. Stand up and support anyone being abused. Don't think abuse is not your business. It truly is, and you have power to expose and stop it. My stories of abuse and deliverance from seven types of abuse are many. Perhaps I will share more in future articles. The most important thing that happened is that I accepted Christ and God's power healed me spiritually, physically and emotionally.
If you'd like to come and join my and write for money on Wikinut, please go here:

Disclaimer: Thank you for reading this article. Your support is important to me. Unfortunately, because of my support of cyberstalking victims, a cyberbully has been following me from pillar to post defaming my name. You may find slanderous and defaming comments, directed at the me in the comment boxes below. Please ignore them and I'm sorry for any inconvenience. Wikinut is working to fix the glitch and the problem will be solved shortly.


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author avatar Phoenix Montoya
7th Aug 2011 (#)

So good of you to fight cyber bullying Marlene. I just wish that they would stop.

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author avatar satan fury
7th Aug 2011 (#)

Excellent and powerful write. I'm so sorry to hear about your abuse and I'm glad that God healed your pain. I firmly believe and agree that cyberbullies need to be exposed. You must remain firm & stand up for yourself.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
7th Aug 2011 (#)

I suffered mental abuse in the Church when I was a young boy. I wont go into it because that is not important. I applaud you for standing up for your beliefs.

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author avatar Set Free
8th Aug 2011 (#)

Mark, I'm sorry about all you went through. I was is a Christian cult and know exactly what you mean by mental abuse from churches. I probably could write pages on the topic. Such people are mentally ill in every sense of the word.

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author avatar Retired
7th Aug 2011 (#)

God Bless you for taking a stand against cyberbullying and abuse...May God be with you...glad that 2 of your abusers found Jesus...even they deserve God's grace, if they want it...thanks for sharing....

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author avatar Songbird B
10th Aug 2011 (#)

It is only by having to experience this yourself, that you can truly understand how soul destroying it can be for another

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author avatar Retired
10th Aug 2011 (#)

Hi very powerful article.

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author avatar Retired
15th Aug 2011 (#)

The very 5 of the 7 points that hit me in my own life but no rape and incest in my life but have been through all of the rest. It is painful, humiliating, prejudicial and biased and brands innocent people into things that they are not.
This is one of the reasons why I keep away from people in reality as I have been through this to the maximum in my life and never want anyone to go through it.

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author avatar Teila
12th May 2012 (#)

Powerful article. Bullying of any kind is cruel.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
25th Dec 2013 (#)

Very strong post and great to deter and stop bullying in its tracks!

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