I lived at a time and age when women did not know about sex.

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I lived at a time and culture when women did not know anything about sex.

4th year high school

In 4th year high school I asked a lot of stupid questions to my conservative mother who would hush me saying those things were "bad". The absence of television or the internet kept many of us in the dark as to how actually women became pregnant. One day, I saw my cousin kissing her boyfriend, so I asked my mother why she hasn't gotten pregnant when she was kissing her boyfriend. Another classmate of mine thought that a woman starts getting pregnant right after the groom kisses the bride during marriage. Our poor generation did not know what happens on the night of the honeymoon. Will the couple be totally naked? Will there be lights, etc.?

questing for anwers

Since most of our parents did not want to answer our questions, we approached one mother who acted game with us and asked her about her experience during the first night and this was what she narrated. She was married to a man who she did not yet totally know but who made a good impression on her parents. Their wedding was set but it was her parents and her would-be groom who decided on all the details of the wedding. The reception was at the groom's two-story house where they will also be having their "first night" as a married couple. They were wed at around three in the afternoon and the banquet and party ended until early in the evening. Around this time, she remembered feeling so scared of the prospect of sleeping with a man for the first time. She begged her best friends to stay for the night but when they saw her husband going up to the second floor where the bedroom was, they had to excuse themselves in a hurry as the husband did not forget to tell his wife to go up now so they could "sleep". Her heart was beating wildly because she did not know what will happen. She had to find a way to avoid the situation that was causing her so much fright so she ran to the kitchen to wash the plates. But her mother-in-law had to intervene when the husband was calling her again for he was already very sleepy. Finally, since everybody was already telling her to stop whatever she was doing and join her husband upstairs, she had to succumb to her fate. Her knees were knocking and her whole body was shaking when she went up to the second floor. When she opened the door, she saw that her husband was already in bed waiting like a hungry wolf. Instinctively, she went straight to the bathroom and started to let the faucet run while she was still thinking about what she should do next. She pretended to be washing something but this took almost an hour. The angry husband now came knocking on the bathroom door asking her to hurry for he was already sleepy. No matter how much she told him to sleep ahead, the husband wouldn't stop.

the inevitable happened

What happened next wasn't very clear but she confided to us that the following day her whole body ached. She could not move, neither could she walk because there was so much pain that night.

"....I wouldn't have married."

After college when I started work, I met a woman lawyer who already had 4 children who revealed something which shocked me. She was sharing her "first night" with us because we were begging her to tell us about it and you know what she said? "I wouldn't have married had I known that my husband would do that to me on the day of our marriage."

enter betamax and porn

Knowing that many of us were still innocent about sex, someone invited us to watch porn movie where we got our education.


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author avatar Buzz
20th Apr 2012 (#)

Rarity, I'm still innocent. Can you teach me?:-)

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author avatar rarity
21st Apr 2012 (#)

He..he...thanks Buzz. With internet and television, no one can claim innocence nowadays.

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