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An introduction to me, Maggles. I hope you will Begin to get to know me through this summary.


My name is Maggie, but a friend gave me the nickname "Maggles" years ago, and I like it. I am now 71 years old, which makes me a septuagenarian and qualifies me as "elderly," although I don't feel elderly. I still have most of my faculties, physically. Memory is definitely going tho. The pic was taken in 2009, and you can see I was confused then. Now, 4 years later, I'm about the same. At least I'm not totally confused.

Early Life

I was born in 1943 in Washington, DC. My parents lived in Cheverly, Maryland, but I don't remember living there. I was too young, I guess. I have a few pictures from back then, I was a babe in arms. My brother was born in 1948, when I was 5 years old. I don't remember when he was born, either. Probably a good thing. I'm sure I was jealous. When he was 1 year old, we moved to Fairfax Circle, in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Moving to a new home

I remember really liking the land around our new house. It was big and had dogwood trees all over the front yard. Probably had over an acre, maybe more than 2. Then we went inside. The house was an old farmhouse that nobody had lived in for several years. The first thing we noticed was flies...they were all over, flying, on the windows, on everything in the kitchen. Thousands of them! Good thing the Amityville Horror hadn't happened yet, or we really would have been freaked out. As it was, out came the fly swatters. My mom was very upset. She was yelling at my dad and cussing out our Uncle Mario,. because he was the one who was renting the property. I guess because we were relatives, and renting cheaply, he didn't feel like he had to clean up the place first. Anyway, while she was yelling she suddenly got this weird look on her face and started moving her tongue around like she was trying to spit something out. She didn't succeed ... she swallowed a fly! She was not happy, but we were stuck with the house.

Rural living

Fairfax Circle back then was rural. There was a Howard Johnson's motel in the middle of the circle, and practically nothing else around it. There was a diner, an old RR car, up Route 50 Blake Lane, where we lived, and a couple of other motels. We used to go to the Howard Johnson's when Mom decided we would eat out (she kept the budget), and on every Sunday for breakfast. The food was good. Mom bought me a doll one Sunday. She was a Flamenco Dancer, and poseable. She had a soft body with bendable metal as a skeleton. Unfortunately for her and my Mom, I was more interested in playing with dump trucks and earth movers. I spent a lot of time in the garden with my brother's earth moving equipment burying her and digging her back up to bury her somewhere else.

I spent a lot of time out in the yard or running through the woods while we lived there. One day I watched a female wolf spider going across our lawn. I was fascinated, because on her back were dozens of tiny wolf spiders. Her eggs had just hatched. She didn't seem to mind me watching.

Pets and Farm Animals

We had a dog named Rufus (which means red), and he was red. He had very long hair, and looking back I think he was probably a chow mix. He was very friendly to anyone who came to the house, even the mailman. He didn't like our chickens, tho. And the chicken he liked to chased the most was a rooster, who was really a mean bird. He attacked me a couple of times, and the last time he did my Dad got out his ax and we had rooster for supper. It was a stew, with vegetables my Dad has raised in his garden plot. It had to be a stew; he was a tough old bird.

We had a pair of goats, too. Nanny and Billy, of course. And across the street lived a lady who had a Clydesdale. I got to ride the Clydesdale, bareback. Imagine a little 6-year-old girl on top of this gigantic horse, legs sticking out to the side because the horse's back was too broad for my legs to hang down. I don't have any pictures of that. I wish I did.


I went to Cardinal School, which was not too far from Blake Lane. We had a giant spruce tree with overhanging branches in the school yard where we went to eat our lunch now and then.

When I was 9 years old, the family moved again, to Arlington, VA. We had a nice house on Lee Highway. I went to a private school and our teacher was Joyce Kilmer's sister. Joyce Kilmer wrote a poem called Trees. The thing I remember most about his sister was her long, long, long hair. It came almost to her knees when she let it down. Of course, she didn't do this during the day. but sometimes I had to stay overnight at school because my parents worked late and they wouldn't be able to pick me up that evening.

I think that's enough for now

After the move to Arlington we stayed in that house for until I was 15 years old. More about this in another post.


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Born in Washington, DC in 1943, Grew up in VA and MD. I lived in the inner city in Washington, DC for 30 years. My writing will be mostly about growing up city and moving to the country.

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30th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing your memories. I really enjoyed them. Smiles to you!

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