I Am Scared to Tell Him That I Like Him! Here is How to Let Him Know Without Saying Much

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The essence of being beautiful is flaunting it, not for the wrong reasons, but for magnetic reasons to the right guy for you. Beauty entails every aspect of you, from the outside to the inside. Use these series of articles to get some tips on how to attract a guy, make him yours and as well keep him. If he goes away, it should not be because of you and in such a situation, never compromise your worth.


You realize that you have started liking this guy but are unable to tell him about it. You have been trying to let him know about your feelings indirectly through various means but he is not getting the hint and you are unable to muster enough courage to put it in direct words. There is no hard and fast rule that only a guy should make the first move. Go ahead and read the outlined tips that will help you let him know your feelings for him.

Let your moves be slow and subtle to begin with. Do not get over excited and let the guy know that you like him as soon as start having a fluttering heart. Calculate your moves. Make him take notice of you and build up that interest in you.

Distance is never going to help him know your feelings. If you wish to let him know how you feel about him then you need to be ready to spend as much time as possible with him. Go out for shows, fairs, simply have a coffee or a date. Just hang around him most of the time.

Be a little flirtatious when he is around. If you need to convey that he is more than a friend flirt with him openly. Make sure you do not overdo and give out wrong signals. An occasional hug or touch of hands or shoulders should convey it all.

Let your eyes do most of the talking. Eyes are a woman's best and natural missile which can convey a thousand messages. Send across romantic signals through eye contact. No guy can ever miss it.

Be ready to pay budding phone bills. Be sure to call him everyday and keep texting him. Do not suffocate him with your calls and messages. Call him to wish a good morning or just to say a hello. Your sudden and untimely calls are sure to send a bell ringing in his brains. Send messages like"I'm thinking of you"; "missing you" etc.

Be sure to let him catch you smile and stare at him often. Smile at him even when you are with friends and let him realize that it's difficult for you not to look at him. Start giving him romantic glances and dreamy looks.

As you all know, I am the hot lady with the hot articles for matured couples who want to maintain their relationships. The physical is very important and even though I do not encourage pervetness and acting "sluty" I also want to say, being wild in your intimacy makes your relationship more fun, relaxing, enjoyable and personal. So, even as you enjoy this piece, there are still more of my works you can check from my other blogs. So choose anyone or all of them and check them out!

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