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In some parts of our lives we all act different than what we say. Being objective is one of the most difficult things to do, but we all can make progress at this, if we really want to.


The other day I read an ( another) article about exaggerated claims from employers and the infernal program they subject to many of their employees ( many working hours over the week, others in weekends). Surely, only when we think about such a scenario, the feeling left is negative ( both because of feeling pity with the victims, and feeling angry with the executioners ).

But I need to talk about objectivity!

I always thought of objectivity as an ideal difficult to achieve.
It is essential to try to be as objective as we can, if we want to have an accurate perception on our life. But is not mandatory although 🙂

Yes, it’s true that a daily 8 hours schedule, plus working in weekends does not leave much time for ourselves, for our family.
Yes, it’s true, working late: until 17, 19, 21 o’clock, or even at night, and weekends, makes us more like a robot rather than a man.


Can you imagine a Friday or Saturday night without going out?
Do you like going (rarely or more often) in clubs?
Do you like going at the gym during weekends?
Do you enjoy doing shopping in weekends?
Do you like having access at any time of day or night to the medical system?
Do you like being able to drink peacefully, thinking that there would always be a taxi to bring you home no matter the hour or day?
Do you like concerts with famous artists on New Year?

In can only imagine the answer is yes.
In can only imagine that my message is starring to be understood.

When we think of ourselves: we find it unacceptable and inhumane to have a working programme that includes weekends, major holidays or nights!
When we think about our needs: we find it normal to have access to any type of service, regardless of the hour and day!

Why doctors wouldn’t have the same desires? Restaurant staff, taxi drivers, vendors and many others? … I mean all those who are exploited by the ones we denigrate (the employers), in order to meet the needs of … yes, our needs.

Remember, be objective!



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