How you are persuaded to spend more by salespeople

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A good salesperson can sell almost everything – even you aren’t interested in that product. Learn their techniques and how to avoid them.

Psychological techniques

If you really believe in a product, this will help you sell it. But the best professional salespeople can sell anything, to anybody, at any time. They do this by using very simple psychological techniques. It is human nature to prefer to speak rather than to listen, and good salespeople use this. They ask buyers what they want before showing how their product is the best.


Most salespeople will get to know their client by asking questions about hobbies, family and lifestyle. If customers think of the salesperson as a friend, they will probably keep coming back to the same man or woman. Salespeople will try to behave like the buyer. If the buyer makes jokes, the salesperson will too. If the buyer wants detail, the seller provides it The salesperson may even try to 'mirror' the body language of the buyer. Lastly, salespeople will use careful language. They will not say 'if you buy’, but 'when you buy', so that they cannot fail.

Warning signs:

Body language: When the salesperson moves away from the desk, or towards the door, it gives the impression that the safe is complete.
Appointment book open: It is hard to say 'no' when the salesperson is already making an appointment
Repetition: The salesperson repeats the last phrase you said. It gives the illusion of interest.


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