How to put babies to sleep

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Putting babies to sleep need not be a tasking duty.

Putting babies to sleep

Babies are very delicate God given gifts to us. They present the future of mankind. To many parents and baby sitters, handling babies could be the worst nightmare of the century. This may worsen especially when it comes to the part where you have to make the baby sleep. However, it does not have to be that pathetic. As a matter of fact, putting babies to sleep is a plain sailing ordeal. All you have to do is understand the nitty-gritty of kids and learn of a few tricks here and there. In this article you will learn simple techniques of how to put a baby to sleep.
The most fundamental thing is to put yourself in the baby’s shoes. By doing this you will be in a position to understand the baby psychology. It would be really hard for you to sleep on an empty stomach. The same applies to the babies. For you to put your baby to sleep, the baby should be fed properly. This is not mean that you should overfeed the baby as this will create uneasiness. The baby should also be quenched of its thirst so as to make the sleep as comfy as possible.
Another preparation that is fundamental is making sure that the baby is clean. This is a very vital point in as much as putting the baby to sleep is involved. The beddings should be clean and well spread so as to provide an aura of peace for the baby to sleep. Baby diapers should be changed to avoid rashes. A clean diaper will make sure that the child has a conducive environment fit for sleeping. Washing the baby will also come in handy since the breathing pores of the baby will be opened keeping the baby fresh and on laying a good ground for you to easily make the baby sleep.
After knowing the basic requirements of how to make a baby sleep. It is good to delve deeper. You should try as much as possible to understand your little angel as children vary. However, some basic things apply to all children. For instance, children should sleep for atleast ten to eighteen hours in a day. This may be in the intervals of three to four hours. Babies also don’t really know the difference between daytime and night time. By knowing this facts, you must therefore devote your time to the baby so that they don’t associate bedtime with loneliness. This might not auger well in the long run and may influence the baby sleeping patterns.
A key practice in the process of how to make your baby sleep would to develop a bed time routine. Making a bedtime routine will help you to communicate to the baby and will develop a communication to the baby when you want to put them to sleep. A study of parents who adhered to a bedtime routine showed that the babies always took little time to sleep, slept well and rarely woke up in the middle of the night. Therefore, a having a good bedtime routine is very fruitful to the parties who find it difficult to make babies sleep.
Good bedtime routines should start as early as the sixth week. For you to have a successful bed time routine, there are a few tips that may come in handy since it would be better not to have a bed time routine than to have a poor one. First, try to make sure that you play active games with the baby during the day and in the night, play the passive and quiet games. The games should get calmer as the baby gets sleepy. The games should be consistent and the bedroom conditions should always be constant. Always preserve the baby’s favorite activity for the last. All these tricks will always help keep the baby anticipating for bed time and will control the baby’s mood as you put her to sleep. When the baby gets sleepy, sooth her until she is in the verge of sleeping. You should then place the baby on the bed and let her drift to sleep on her own.
For your baby to be put to sleep in the safest moves and conditions, it is necessary to put his safety in the fore front. Babies should be made to sleep on their backs so as to avoid choking and restrictions in the stomach areas. You should try to make sure to sleep in the same room as your baby though not the same bed. This will help you attend to the baby and prevent you from lying over the baby. Soft objects should be kept as far away from the baby as possible. As you put your baby to sleep, pacifiers would really act as a good asset. Those learning of how to make the baby sleep through the night should avoid covering the head of the baby to avoid overheating. The above practices are really important as advised by the America Academy of Pediatrics. The steps are useful in avoiding sudden infant death syndrome that may be very depressing for parents.
Lastly as I conclude, there is a list of don’ts that may prove useful as you learn of how to make you baby sleep. First, you should refrain from substances such as depressants or sleeping pills where not recommended by the doctors. Only a foolish parent would do that to their babies while putting them to sleep. Avoid harmful substances such as smoking. This may be toxic to your baby’s health. Put away any unnecessary stuff that may inconvenience the baby during sleep. You should make sure that the baby acquires all the necessary vaccine for your baby. If the child looks unwell, seek medical attention and desist from trying out unproven homemade recipes as curatives.
Now that you know the basic necessities of putting your child to sleep, it will no longer be a walk in the bush for you. However as I stated earlier, all is not done since the remaining part is learning and understanding you child. This way, you will get to know what they like best and what works for them perfectly. Be it as it may, all the requirements you need for you to easily put your baby to sleep are with you as per now. Your child deserves a better sleep and you deserve a peaceful mind.


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Wow ! Very nice ! I treat my niece and nephew this way means understanding their psychology :)

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