How to make your kids love reading?

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Reading is very necessary for children. Learn the ways to make them love reading.

How to make your kids love reading?

Let’s imagine that if there isn’t a garden in our house, how can we teach our children to love doing gardening? Reading books is also like that.

First, if we want our kids to possess the reading habit, the family must be a sample to guide them. Instead of allowing children to watch television, play games on computer… let’s buy colourful books or fairy tales for them. And the most important thing is that parents should teach children the ways to read books in daily life.

Next, with the children from the age of three to five: Maybe they cannot read, but their listening skill is extremely fantastic. Parents should read fairy tales, retell stories drawn by pictures, explain in simple ways to them. Besides, we ought to choose suitable time for reading. Through stories, parents draw an experience lesson for kids; for example, they must learn the way to sympatize with the poor or the disabled.

Besides, we should ask our kids to maintain this good pastime to get into the habit of reading. We should be persistent because children are very hard to concerntrate on listening to what we say. However, if parents can combine reading, telling and using body language, kids will be good listeners and master the content easily.

If children have their siblings, in addition, parents should make reading environment between them. We encourage each of them tell a story that they like most. Thanks to our compliment, children will be eager to read new stories, and then tell us to show that they are number one.

Finally, parents make bookshelves for children to store their private books. This enhances children’s responsibility in preserving their wealth.

Setting and maintaining reading habit is not a simple matter. But through books, children will discover many wonderful things around them. We are parents so we must try our best to show them the benefits of this habit.


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
13th Oct 2014 (#)

An excellent piece for the benefit of parents. However, I find the children get pulled towards the TV and video games. Today, very few children are reading books other than text books.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Interesting post and one of a kind writing!

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