How to improve someone’s memory, comprehension and concentration

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Memory is, by definition, the faculty of the mind by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. The information comes in our mind, to conscious first, thru different ways: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactive, and gustatory. There are many classifications and other definitions of memory. Hypnotherapy can improve someone’s memory in only one session.

Hypnotherapy and memory improvement

Our short memory is stored in conscious mind, and at last up to approximately opt hours. When we go to bed, in the night, the information gets filtered, selected, some accepted as a known and stored in our subconscious mind, some is vented out during morning dreams.
The long term memory is stored in our subconscious mind, and can be held for the rest of our lives. We retrieve automatically the information from our mind when we need it, for example the skills to drive a car, a bike, to tie our shoes, even to handle the fork when we eat, is retrieved and use only in those circumstances.
The easiest, brief, and most efficient way to improve memory is hypnotherapy. The hypnotic state produces or increases a variety of behaviours that are most helpful as an aid to improving somebody’s memory.
Hypnosis can be used to increase comprehension and concentration on a subject which needs to be remembered at an ulterior date – studying for an exam, for example. A student memorizes much more information after a hypnotherapy session for memory improvement.
Hypnotherapy can also increase the ability to visualize studied material, to be remembered at the latest date when needed.
A lot of times our ability to memorize and our memory is affected by some blocks of the past and negative thoughts which prevent us to use fully our ability to retain information.
One of the most common is the belief that we shouldn’t load our memory with useless information, or unnecessary facts, we should preserve our mind to retain information we need. The human mind is so large that it could not be filled in an entire lifetime, and we are capable of remembering everything we have ever seen, heard, or experienced.
We are capable of recalling almost any information we want to remember. If we stimulate our desire to retain and remember, our memory it will work in our favour.
In hypnotherapy, simple suggestions such as Your concentration, your retention, your recall, and your memory, consistently improve are effective hypnotic suggestions that stimulate the subject’s own expectation of memory improvement, as well as his desire and motivation to succeed at improving his memory.

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