How to impress a woman in eight steps

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You come to the party and the lovely blondes you can not miss. Of course you love her properly impressed when it can not be answered in the first few seconds, your chances are gone. According to the psychological experiment is a first impression more than three-quarters of the total impression.

Female seduction techniques

The lessons learned so far are enough to create the first view, a mere three seconds. Sympathies or antipathies generated in the first seconds, then very difficult to change. For instance, Hodges was a psychologist in the seventies found that their first impressions are very reluctant to give up, especially are If negative.

Beware of clothing:
Psychologists agree that the formation of the first impression is the eight basic steps. So if you're a beauty sitting next to the bar, the first time about you make some broad picture. Quickly assess the overall impression which we operate, and then in the next seconds, begin to develop. Her head will be a monologue in which they assess the shape of your eyes, the size of the nose, upper lip scar, shoulder width and a beer belly; you are trying to pull as much as possible. For those items with the evaluation of course do not do anything, in the second phase, however, the assessed whether your clothes, shoes, accessories, and so chosen. If, for example, believe that there's no need to clean the shoes, because their most of the leg is covered, opposite almost a third of women, as found by the questionnaire survey conducted a year ago at the University of Utah, which was attended by nearly two thousand respondents. "Research has shown that people tend to attribute a neat, well-dressed people or more positive reviews and features than those of people they get neglected and unkempt," says psychologist. "Failure people are treated as dumber, less successful and the most reliable and trustworthy than attractive individuals. This court has clearly reached their surroundings before they ever befall identify their true nature."

Who do I remind you of?
The third step, unfortunately, you have no chance at all to influence in any way. The woman to whom you're trying to impress, a few hundredths of a second listing through the brain and will try to figure out who they remind her. "The human brain has a natural tendency to compare the situation in which they currently found themselves with those situations in which it ever had been. It helps him focus on and find an appropriate solution," says Irena nag.
If you tune it reminds extra disagreeable fellow, you have great luck. Probably this fact is reflected in their sympathy.

Gestures, gaze, tone
The fourth step is non-verbal aspects of your communication. In fact, as you will perceive the other person plays the role of speech rate, articulation, as well as facial expression or gesture. "For example, noisy and fast-talking people are usually perceived as dominant and leading personalities. Quieter speech is conversely associated with introversion, which of course does not mean that speaking softly, man can not procure the respect and gain authority," says psychologist. Certainly do not pay attention to their style of communication. If you are in every second word creeping arrogant and sarcastic tone, you will elect from its sympathy to mine, a very difficult. Likewise, be handled with care and with his eyes. Volatilization awakens the other hand, the impression that you're not playing fair, and hiding something.

Toothpaste and Dictionary
The fifth indicator is your body odor, odor. It is a very crucial factor in creating the first impression is still much underrated. There are a number of studies have shown that smell plays in human interaction absolutely crucial role. There is evidence that people have olfactory memory and that even after many years they can connect with a specific smell humans, experience or situation. If you still have not figured out that investment in deodorant and perfume is irreplaceable, it is time to change its position. Even the best and perfume is useless if you still do not understand what it is for toothpaste and mouthwash. In the aforementioned study identified three quarters of women smelling breath can be particularly repulsive. The sixth step is the content of your speech, or vocabulary that you use. If your speech consists of twenty words, you can be sure that you have a cat, although she remembers, but probably different than you'd like. Cardinal importance in this cases the first few sentences that he says. Try to not be focused on you and you have not created the very first seconds, the image of Narcissus. Likewise, if possible, avoid clinches raised hundreds of times. If you will melt over her eyes, it is hard to take home memories of you as man of my life. Try to be fresh while retaining naturalness.

Personal space
In the next split second, the question will try to figure out what you think about it. "I dare say that no man in the world, who would not care what other people think about it. Of course, we choose people whose evaluation is important to us, and to find many of those who are indifferent to us. But none of us can not say that he is completely indifferent to the impression that there are, "says psychologist. Our blonde at the bar will therefore seek to gauge how you act, what he wanted her and what to expect interactions with her. Would guess, if you care only about love, or would you be able to acquire more long-term relationship features. The assessment of the situation will help her last, the eighth step. In fact it will evaluate your touch. The manner in which her or shake hands with which she spoke, an involuntary (or wannabe inadvertently) touched, it will help you create the proper impression. At this stage plays a role as the closeness or distance, which is among you. "Everyone has their own personal space, the distortion perceived very negatively," explains psychologist, but adds: "There is yet no universal distance, you should follow the call. Personal space is everyone else great, but you can usually trace its size of signals that will provide the other party. Where you from towing, reversing or sits lightly, it is quite obvious that you have reached too close. The lack of personal space is perceived as a sign of intimacy, and therefore it is people at random meeting so sensitive. "


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