How to get yourself a girlfriend

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Simple dating tips for guys to get a girlfriend and long term relationship.

How to get yourself a girlfriend

Some guys simply want to know how to get a girlfriend while other want to know how to have regular casual sex. Everyone goes through different stages in their dating life and I never question their wants and needs and and desire to go after what they want as long as they are doing so from an ecological place. I often get asked the question "How do I get a girlfriend" by guys and it's not from the "usual types" you'd typically expect to be asking such a question either. A lot of these guys are successful in other areas of their life but struggle to attract the right women for a long term relationship.

How guys typically get a girlfriend

Typically there are actually two primary methods that guys go about getting a girlfriend:

1. The first is to try and attract a woman to him
2. The second is trying to seduce a woman into being his girlfriend

The problem with the first one is that most guys have no idea how to attract a woman and if by sheer chance they do attract a woman it's usually not the type of woman the guy wanted to attract. Most guys need to learn how to attract women and more importantly they need to learn how to attract the right kind of woman for them.

The problem with the second strategy, seducing women is you need to know how to attract a woman before she will let you seduce her. So hereby lies the problem how do you get a girlfriend quickly and easily by attracting the right type of women to seduce?

How to Get a Girlfriend

Well I have come up with a way you can speed up that process rapidly and greatly improve your odds. The first I am going to assume two things the first one is you have a mouth and the second is that you are starting completely from scratch when it comes to learning how to attract women.

The first step is to decide what you want and to define your purpose. When you create intent suddenly all your interactions have a lot more meaning. I suggest you have an end goal in mind, it might be inviting all the women you meet each week or each month to a party or event of some kind (it doesn't matter how big or small).

Then comes the next step, that helps trigger attraction. You want to create social proof. Social proof basically means the social cues that people give each other determine the way people act. So for example if you have several attractive women around you then it is going to make a new woman think it's acceptable to be seen around you and ultimately sleep with you.

Why is this so important? Because women are hit on by guys all the time so they often look for guys that other women already find attractive. They know that if other women are around the guy then they are more likely to be attractive to women and thus seem like a more attractive choice for them to partner with. This is one of the main strategies most women use to short list who they are going to partner with.

To create social proof I recommend you start inviting all the attractive single women you interact with during the week to the same party or venue. Not women you are currently sleeping with or dating, rather colleagues, friends and potential suitors you are pursuing. What is great about this is it fast tracks your dating life and is a lot of fun in the process. It also creates the illusion of scarcity which makes you appear more desirable to a woman as there are several women and only one of you. Your time is scarce and there is only one of you and multiple women completing for your attention. While women might complain about guys like this to their nice guy friends but the truth is they secretly love the challenge of pursuing men and often end up competing with other women for them.

How to you get women out with you

The easiest way to get phone numbers and dates if you are just getting started is to just walk up and ask if they are single, then talk for a while and then say you have to go and invite them to a party or social gathering of some kind. Do this with all the women you meet and invite them to the same venue. If you talk to enough women you might want to create two separate nights.

They might even bring their friends along which gives you even more women to choose from. You can even tell women that you are looking for that special someone and that if they aren't it you'd love to still be friends and maybe she'll know or bring someone who might fit what you are looking for.

You can use the same technique online and keep it really simple to begin with. You might think it sounds ridiculous to massively stack the odds in your favor like this yet that's probably the very thing that is holding you back. I do it all the time and it works like a charm and massively increases the quality of women you end up dating. Women actually like other women's company so they are usually quiet happy to hang out with other women. People are busy these days and you do not have time to waste trying to find the ideal girlfriend you need to make the most of the time at your disposal.

The second step of course is to seduce women, which means you are going to need to learn how to lead and take control of situations. You need to plan in advance where you are going to progress things next if it's going well with a woman. You need to find a way that you can make yourself feel comfortable around a woman so that you can make the first move and kiss her.

A few things to keep in mind, practice your story telling. Go along to toastmasters if you have to, just make sure you are doing something constructive to improve your communication skills. If you have read any books on evolutionary science or the book "Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus" then you would know the reason women place such importance on communication.

The second is master the art of teasing women in a fun way about something they're doing. Women love to be teased physically and emotionally, so when you tease her emotionally it makes her imagine what it's like when you start kissing her and teasing her physically. Always be a little bit of a challenge.

Now to the third and final step, which is how to keep a woman around once you have her. A lot of guys end up choosing one woman too early and while it is good to choose a woman who chooses you, the first one is not always the best option. People like people who like them so you want to choose someone who likes you for who you are however remember fools rush in. You want to date a few women before you decide to get involved in a relationship as you need the experience to tell if you really like her or it's such the feelings she gives you and the physical part with are keeping you there. If you want a worth while relationship there has to be more chemistry than a physical connection.

Dating Tips

At the start of the relationship you don't want to see her to often. Once or twice a week maximum. Much more and you'll seem to clingy and needy and it's a fact that at least 30% of women said in a major survey conduct by a large dating company Plenty of Fish said that their biggest turn off was being to clingy or needy too early on in the relationship. Also anticipation is key and if you see a woman too much too early on it tends to kill the love bug quickly and your relationships fizzle out and don't end up going the distance.

So there you have it, some tips for getting a girlfriend quickly and easily.


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To get the right person is the hard part. Great tips here though not an easy process! siva

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