How to find the life-changing love

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Are you looking for real love or have you been disappointed so badly by people that you have no idea as to where to turn to? There is someone who will never let you down.

Great expectations or great disappointments?

Can you find love online?
Millions of people think they can.They want to limit this quest to a simple click and discover happiness that lasts throughout life. However, in real life, love is not so easy to come across.

We have such high expectations for a kind of love that no one could ever fulfill.We could give up, thinking that we will never find that love that we have been dreaming about or we could turn to Someone unexpected: God.

Your reaction could be a bored reply such as "Yeah, OK".But think about it. We are not talking about physical intimacy here. We are talking about love:pure, unconditional,indestructible love, eternal love. This is such an overhelming love that it could take your breath away, so forgiving that it can make you cry uncontrollably.

Let's not contradict about the existence of God. Let's talk about what kind of love He has for you.

Who wants a love that settles conditions? "If you ever hurt me, I'll stop loving you"."Unless you give up the habit that I hate about you, I'll stop loving you". "Unless you follow the rules that we agreed on, I'll stop loving you".

Many people have this misconception regarding the love that God has for them.They think that it is based on their qualities. If it had been so, no human being would ever qualify.

No, God's love is based on grace, a free gift for you, but paid at a terrible price by Jesus Christ.When Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself on the cross to pay for your sins, you were accepted by His Father, through Jesus' merits , not yours. The acceptance of Jesus by God will transfer to you too, if you believe in Him.

This means that there is no "if" for Christians when it comes to God's love. Let's get something straight though. We are not allowed to sin as much as we want. Like a loving Father that He is, God will discipline us.The sin still has its consequences. But once you have been accepted by God through His Son, you have God's unconditional love forever.

When looking for love, you'll have to accept the fact that you won't get this kind of devotion from another human being.Our love is limited. God's love is not.


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