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You've read my previous posts about online dating and how to succeed at it. Now here are a few tips on how to find the right women for "fun" times. Thats right the illustrious friend with benefits...oooooohhhhhh!

How to find a friend with benefits online

If you couldn't find one in your current list of friends then maybe looking for one on line is exactly what you need. However, if I thought finding a date online was bad, I would say this is even worse. It's doable, but not a good idea. In either case, like I said about online dating -if you have the time and patience it'll pay off. Here's where to start.

Join a dating site or one of the more controversial sites like Ashley Madison and sign up for the section that puts together people looking for a good time. Now, if you're a guy be prepared to do some leg work. If you're female, be prepared to do even more. Guy's you'll be competing with hundreds of guys for one girl. Ladies, you'll have to rifle through countless emails and chats to find the right guy for you.

What to say?

Well, understand the woman's role and how many hundreds of messages she is getting. If she has a picture it's probably a 1000 offers a week, double that if she's really pretty. So right off the bat, she's going to start filtering by photo. Place a good one up of you smiling. Thats it. When you message her keep it simple and make her laugh by saying something that she would want to flirt with. Don't say "You're pretty, lets have sex." The 999 other guys are saying that. Keep it under 2 sentences and make sure she has to reply.

For ladies, I would suggest not posting a picture at all. Just describe yourself, trust me every guy will want to message you even if you don't have a picture up. I know, it's sad. Don't reply to anyone you're not interested in. It'll seem mean but if you're not interested and you reply even just once most guys will go bananas and start messaging and messaging. It's brutal.

At the end of the day, who knows maybe you'll find your secret fling or friend with benefits perfect for you!


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
19th Sep 2012 (#)

My husband told me about the Adult Friend Finder when I was dating him and I told him it is as good as prostitution without pay as you let down your guard for low morals and ethics for a fifteen minute pleasure game.
Well okay for some who think it is a be all and end of life.
Personally, I knew as I took my husbands user id and password and checked out the content inside and found it excruciatingly tasteless as people displayed everything just for sex, forgetting they are living in a society where every single action is recorded and observed by the public and transmitted to others by way of Grapevine Communication (i.e. exaggeration) until they see it to believe it.
Such people who want carnal satiation with strangers can go work in a red light area and get paid for it too, its nothing but prostitution for pleasure while the others do it to feed the family.

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author avatar Lilly
30th Mar 2013 (#)

Interesting aproach to finding online friends with benefits...thanks

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