How to entertain your child in the long summer holiday

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Are you sometimes short of things to do during the summer? I might be able to help you out.

How to entertain them.


If you have a child, particular one of early teen age, they will no doubt be looking to start having sleepovers. These can be fun, and needn’t be stressful for the parent involved.
If you allow your child to have a sleepover at your house, you need to resign youself to the fact that you’re not going to get much sleep. As long as it’s only one night, it isn’t too bad, so let them have their fun.

You need to think about the number of people you’re willing to invite. It depends on the age of the child, and I wouldn’t recommend sleepovers for children younger than 10. I would say that 2 guests would be ideal, with 3 at a maximum- you wouldn’t want that many children running around your house all night!

You should help your child to plan activities for when their friends arrive. Perhaps treat them to a DVD of a new film, and buy them some sweets for a midnight feast. You could plan some music, and games (board games often go down well, or games like Twister) for them, or if you’re feeling really brave, buy a cookie mix and let them bake!

You should buy something unusual for their breakfast. If they normally just eat toast or cereal, then maybe buy some waffles, or eggs and bacon. Anything out of the ordinary will make the event stick in their mind, and they’ll enjoy themselves all the more!

Entertainment needn’t be expensive. If you have a younger child, they will be able to keep themselves entertained for hours in your local park. If your park has a field, then why not buy a cheap plastic football for them and their friends to play with.

If you don’t feel comfortable with them going by themselves, buy a couple of magazines and go and sit with them. This is an amazing thing to do on a sunny day, and it will leave you feeling happy and refreshed.

Often during the summer months, a fair may visit your town or a nearby town. This can be excellent entertainment for a child for a couple of days. You need to let them know that money isn’t endless, and that they’re allowed the money for X amount of rides.

If you have a younger child, you could play games with them, such as ”how many times will the bumper car crash” or ”how many spins will this ride have before it stops.” This way, the child will be able to watch the ride and get enjoyment from it, without you having to pay for them to actually go on it!

The beach can provide children with hours of fun. The sea is lovley to paddle in, as long as you keep an eye on how deep they’re going. As well as this, cheap toys like buckets and spades and frisbees will go down a storm, and your child will love building sandcastles.
You could even buy little flags for them to put in the top of their sandcastles, which makes the experience even more entertaining for them.

As well as this, sitting in the sun eating ice cream is a wonderful experience for any child, and they won’t be bored for ages!
Short Breaks

If you have the funds to do so, why not take your child to a caravan for a couple of days? Modern caravan parks have swimming pools, play grounds, and more importantly lots of other children for your child to play with while you relax a little. If you have a look on the internet, there are some sites which are very reasonably priced, and you should be able to pick something up within our budget.

As well as this, if you go to somewhere which is notoriously touristic, there will be lots and lots of visitor attractions to keep your child occupied. I would recommend a seaside town, as this provides you with the beach to keep your child entertained as well!

As well as simply getting your child out of the house for a while, going on a walk is good exercise as well! You can make this a lot more interesting if for instance you know of a field of horses that you could take your child to see, or if there’s maybe a play park a few blocks from your own that you could bribe the child with.

Either way, walking passes a lot of time, and will tire your child out, meaning that they’re much more likely to sleep later on!
Within Your Town

There are no doubt a lot of things that you can do within your own town. Most towns have a swimming pool and a cinema, both of which would be a popular choice with your child. Many towns have other things such as bowling, laser quest, amusement arcades or paintballing, all of which would keep your child entertained.

The main thing is that you should have a look around what’s available in your town, and you will no doubt find that there are hundreds of things for your child to do!

Also, don’t dismiss a visit to the library. If a child can read to themselves, this may keep them quiet for a good long while! Some libraries also do summer activities which require a child to read a certain amount of books during the summer break, and if they manage to do so, they are rewarded with a medal at the end of the summer.

No matter which activity you choose to do, you should no longer be scared when your child utters those terrifying words ”I’m bored!”

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