How to enjoy benefits by keeping you fit during Pregnancy

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In this article, I will explain how staying fit during your pregnancy makes everything easier post-delivery and also how it is going to bring tremendous health benefits to you and your baby.

Reducing back pain and soreness during pregnancy:

The topic is bit complicated to explain because one must know the science behind all this tedious process to recommend the fitness procedure.

As per science, your baby’s growing size puts pressure on your hips, butt, and back, which can lead to stiffness and soreness. This is the fundamental problem every woman goes through during pregnancy. Keeping yourself fit during this time will help you improve your posture and get your back, hip, and butt muscles in shape, which will ultimately results in reducing back pain and soreness.

Importance of Gaining Weight but not too much weight:

it is expected from woman that they need to gain weight during your pregnancy, because there are various reasons. You tend to store lots of Fat, Fluids and blood in your body, that’s required for your baby to grow properly.

But what goes wrong here is many women gain too much weight, and take years to lose that weight.

Statistics: University studies show that women who regularly exercise during their pregnancies gain nearly 8 pounds less than non-exercising women. On a whole process, it will be extremely helpful.

Benefits of getting good sleep:

Always found a way to sleep well during your pregnancy time. If you’re having any trouble in this regard, exercise will surely help you sleep more during night and will keep you fresh during day time.

Helps to reduce delivery complications:

Exercise is the best way to reduce delivery complications. Several studies have proved the fact that women who exercise need fewer drugs for pain relief.

Reducing time spent in labor:

One of the Great advantages of staying fit during your pregnancy time is that it reduces the labor significantly by about one-third when compared to ordinary woman.

Statistics: Studies show that women who exercise regularly during pregnancy have leaner babies, and this leanness continues by age 5.

Exercise helps you to return to your normal weight easily:

Women who exercise during pregnancy have less weight to lose and that can be done easily by maintaining diet. It’s an easier option than undergoing rigorous exercise plan.

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author avatar Denise O
14th Dec 2010 (#)

Great tips. I would like to add one more thing ( I have went through it twice) to help during delivery...relax!
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar joeldgreat
14th Dec 2010 (#)

very nice tips. one should follow these tips for the sake of their unborn child. thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Ashwini
14th Dec 2010 (#)

Thank you Jo

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author avatar Colekdikit
30th Oct 2014 (#)

Nice for sharing about my friend. :)

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