How to deal with them

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This is all about teenagers problems and how to handle the situation. This is about being strong despite of being bullied in school or in other places.

How to deal with them

Kindly read this and learn from it. I want to share this to every readers out there, because now a days there are lots of people who have enemies or let me say that in life people encountering enemy.
This is some tips on what we can do to avoid and what to do with the people we called our own friends and become so unfriendly to us.
We can keep distance from them to avoid much trouble. We can be polite and peaceable to them even they did something bad to us and let other people bring what they did to us. Let us ignored them and let us enjoy our daily living. Don't make them us a part of your daily life.

But before anything else this is just a simple and easy way in dealing with them.
Do you know why they do something bad to you? Do you know why they hate you? Well, you can ask them about that but be sure that you are calmly. If they tell answer you politely that's good but if they embarrassed you, then walk away and stop communicating them. Avoid them. Find another group of friends and be happy with them.
If those people are keep on saying something on you or something about you just ignored them. Believed in yourself, because you, your family and God are the one who really knows you and not the other people.
If those enemies of yours are harming you physically and emotionally or they are very violent to you, then you need to tell it to your parents. For some reason, telling to your parents is the best way to keep yourself safe from them. Bullies are enemy, this really happened from many country many times. Don't let them destroy your life. Your family is the one who can take an action for your safety. Don't be afraid of your enemies, remember that we have our family that can protect us and will always protect us.

Be matured and don't let them ruined your life. Share your problems with your parents, they will understand you if you tell the truth. But if you know to yourself that why they treated you like that and they do something bad to you, approached them, say sorry to them and then live your life without them.

Always remember that people’s actions is the result of what's happening to our daily life.

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