How to deal with insecurity in a relationship

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Have you ever felt insecure in your relationship? You'd better do something about it before it's too late.

What does an insecure person look like?

Insecurity has to do with that state of mind when you're starting to get uncomfortable in your own skin. You are starting to feel that you are unloved and that your partner doesn't care about you, no matter what he does.Doubt could cause severe damage in a relationship.

All these things are like a silent poison that makes the relationship "rot" from its roots.Just like the waves of the ocean hit hard during a storm, insecurity is terrible and it could even destroy the most solid relationship.

A person who is insecure doesn't trust anyone. Many times, these people become possessive with their partner.They are doing it because they are always afraid of losing their boyfriend/girlfriend. However, this only makes the relationship deteriorate, the other person is growing further and further apart from him/her, reluctant to being "kept in a leash". The "green-eyed monster" is the next enemy of an insecure person. So, jealousy makes its appearance constantly .Even the slightest proof of a connection between their partner and someone else makes them believe that they are being cheated on.

Insecure people often have a very keen sense of self-criticism and low opinion on themselves in front of their partner.How could you expect that someone love you when you cannot appreciate your qualities yourself? This type of behavior will make your partner change his/her mind when it comes to your relationship. People who feel insecure will turn to emotional blackmail too to get what they want. Generally, people hide their own weaknesses behind an exterior mask of self-confidence. But deep down, they are just as vulnerable as a bunch of children.They don't realize that by hiding these doubts, they will only make things worse. Instead of pretending to be someone else, get rid of your feeling of insecurity.

The truth is that you must not be ashamed of yourself if you have doubts. Almost half of people in the world have been through this phase at a certain time in their life. what matters is that you should care enough to deal with this problem. If you go on like this, your partner will feel frustrated.

If you truly value your relationship and if your partner is the right person for you, don't let a silly feeling of doubt ruin your happiness.


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Insecurity stems more from what they have gone through in childhood and what they have witnessed as teenagers.
I would always put the person through tests before getting into a relationship with them, for safety and past experience.

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