How to be a Modern Day Good Samaritan

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Is it possible to be a modern day Good Samaritan with all the theft, frauds and dishonesty out there? Yes, as long as we educate ourselves, are aware of our surroundings and use the resources available to us.

How to be a Modern Day Good Samaritan

When I was 8 years old, the Bishop of my church asked me to give a talk next week in Sunday school about the Good Samaritan. I stood there frozen with fear unable to say a word, and I was scared to death because this was going to be my very first experience having to speak in public.

That Sunday morning came and as my mother drove to church, I remember praying, "Dear Heavenly Father, please bless us that we get into a car accident".

Well, I am grateful that the Lord did not answer my prayer that morning. I gave my talk and since that day as a young boy, I have never forgotten the story I told about the Good Samaritan.

The Good Samaritan

The parable of the Good Samaritan is so simple that even a child could read and understand it.

Found in the Bible in the book of Luke chapter 10:25-37 is the story about a man, who tried to test Jesus by asking Him what he must do to inherit eternal life. Jesus responded by asking the man what he thought, and what was written in the law. The man answered that we should love the Lord God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and then added that we also should love our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus then told him that he had given the correct answer and that if he did this, he would live. Then the man asked Jesus another question, "and who is my neighbor?"

Jesus decided to answer the question by telling the parable, or story, of the Good Samaritan, which is about a Jewish man walking along a road traveling to Jericho. As the man was walking, suddenly a group of men jumped out from behind a hill and beat him very badly. They robbed him, took all his belongings, tore off most of his clothes, and left him bleeding on the side of the road.

A few minutes later, another man was walking down the same path and noticed the man lying on the side of the road and instead of helping him, he crossed the road, walked on the other side, and acted as if he did not see the man.

A short time later, another man was walking down the road. He slowed down and walked a little closer to the man, but then kept walking without helping him at all.

A few minutes later, another man came walking down the road who was a Samaritan. In those days, Jews and Samaritans did not like each other or get along. However, when the Samaritan saw the man, he went over to him and felt compassion for him. The Good Samaritan put bandages on his wounds, lifted him onto his own donkey, and took him to a hotel to take care of him.

The Good Samaritan then paid enough money so the man could stay at the hotel until he was well enough to leave.

After Jesus finished the story, He asked the man, "Which of the three men do you think was a neighbor to the man who was left beaten on the side of the road?"

The man replied, "The one who had compassion and helped him." Jesus told him, "Go and do the same."

Can we be a modern day Good Samaritan?

How many times have we seen something and not reported it because we just do not want to get involved? Criminals do what they do because they know people do not want to get involved. We turn our heads and pretend we do not see. We close our ears and act, as if we do not hear and we close our mouth and do not want to speak. Why?

Perhaps the horror stories scare us of people whose lives were saved by a paramedic or a good person trying to help and then were sued claiming they were injured during CPR or received a back injury because they were dragged from a burning car.

You open the door of your home to a crying female frantically knocking and pleading for help only to find out it is a bogus sham just to get inside your house. She lets in her male friends, and you are beaten and tied up, your family's lives are threatened, and you become a victim of a home invasion robbery.

Is it getting impossible now days to be a Good Samaritan? Perhaps, but I think if we just use our heads and educate ourselves, we will do the right things. There are still good people out there who need our help and good people will always be there to help them.

How to be a modern day Good Samaritan

People will always need each other but in our modern days, it is necessary that we are not too trusting and gullible. So, how do we help? How can we be a Good Samaritan today when the call for help is given? Consider these suggestions:

A donation is the number one way people help each other. There are many frauds out there trying to get you to send or give them money so consider giving your hard-earned money only to legitimate and recognized organizations instead of a stranger on the street or link you received in an email.

In my opinion, and based on my experience, you should never give money to people who beg for it on the side of the road or who have some story that they are stranded, need money for gas or who have their children in a stroller next to them while they hold a sign for help. There are organizations that accept donations that assist the homeless, stranded travelers and single mothers who need help.

Volunteering your time is another way you can give. You can volunteer your time at a soup kitchen, church welfare program or cleanup project. You can visit a hospital, read stories to sick children and do something for someone without expecting anything in return.

Giving your talents is another way to give. You are a good cook so bring over a dinner to a neighbor who is sick or in need. If you are good with your hands, consider helping a neighbor with repairing his roof, mow an elderly neighbor's lawn or help write a resume for a person out of work.

Start a neighborhood watch group in your neighborhood and help each other keep safe. (Click here) to read my article on "How to Start a Neighborhood Watch Group".

Having common sense and being safety conscious will go a long way. If someone is bleeding, lying on the side of the road or pounding on your front door pleading for help you can call 9-1-1, call for an ambulance or the Police and then wait to assist them when help arrives.

There are many stories of people who have risked their lives, stopped to help and were there for someone in desperate need. When it was all over things turned out OK, and everyone came out safe and well. Common sense and being aware of your surroundings will aid you in doing the right thing.


It is my belief that everyone will have an opportunity sometime in his or her life to be a Good Samaritan. How will you choose that day? Will you stop and render aid or cross to the other side of the road?

"It just takes a little, and if we all just gave a little, that little would be a lot" (Scott Hallock)

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
29th Jul 2010 (#)

Amen. Scott I always use the phrase 'Sometimes we have to get a little bit bloody'.

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author avatar ScottHallock
11th Dec 2010 (#)

thank you so much

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author avatar Sam Bralley
29th Jul 2010 (#)

very good Scott, wwe all could do more...
Blessings to you.

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author avatar hieroglyph
11th Dec 2010 (#)

Religiously crafted! It makes me look back and count my goodness over the bad, I weighed on the losing side though...

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author avatar ScottHallock
11th Dec 2010 (#)

thank you very much for your comments

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author avatar hieroglyph
11th Dec 2010 (#)

Articles like this refreshes oneself... I mean, right after reading, you would want to be careful with all your actions and pattern it from the compelling rightful way... Perfectly written Scott!

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