How to Teach Your Kids About Sex

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It is time as parents to devote more time to our kids. We make excuses of busy schedules and we put the future of our kids to ransom to the ravaging scourge of sex. Teenage pregnancy is on the rise and all because most parents are failing in their responsibilities.

Catching Your Kids Youngs as It Concerns Sex

Our society is increasingly becoming permissive. We are confronted with the internet, smartphones and TV and the unbridled way they display x-rated shows or films to our kids. Most of the TV programs directly and indirectly promotes sex and sexual appeals. The internet is much more direct as there is unrestricted access to porn. you can get to register as paid member and get a 24-7 access to porn. The mobile phones are not innocent as you can access the internet on the go with smartphones. Therefore, porn is waiting for our kids on their smartphones too.

The parents on their part are busy trying to make ends meet. both the dad and mum don't have time to be with their kids as they spend most of their time at work. Even when they come back home, they are too tired to know what their children have been up to in their absence.

Not too long ago, a survey discovered that kids spend more time on the internet and TV than they spend with their studies and for outdoor activities. the internet has captivated our kids and captured them so much that many of them rarely do any other thing when they come back from school than to browse for hours. The absence of their parents is not helping matters as they has nobody to control and guide them on how they should use their time.

Gone are the days when the dad is the only breadwinner and the mother was at home to manage the affairs of the home. Those days,the mother could make up for the father absence and be with the children to care, teach and train them at their formative years. The father were not even absent from home for too long as they have time to come home early and provide not just money but the fatherly role of instructing the kids and spanking them when necessary. I will talk about the spanking issue in my other article soon.

For me, those days was ideal and I want to believe that parents could relive those days even in the 21st century. what is the use of providing for the needs of your children and yet they become wayward and delinquent as it concerns sex. What pride is there for your 12 or 13 year old daughter to become pregnant as such tender age or getting to know she has committed abortion? To my mind, all the money and the best you provided amounts to nothing if what you get in return is an incorrigible and sex-deviant kids.

The widening gap between the parents and their children is causing more harm than good and kids being left to themselves at the time they need the guidance and training of parents spells doom to our society and the future of the children.

The ways to go about teaching our kids about sex are as follows:

Make time for you kids and interact with them regularly
Become your kids best friends.
Take time to visit your kids at school. You can make the visit a surprise to get to know who you kids really are.
Know the kinds of friends you kids have.
Introduce what sex means to them as soon as they old enough to understand.
Monitor the kinds of movies you kids watch
Take time to check on their phones or computers to know what they browse regularly.

And last but not the least, let your kids have a personal relationship with Jesus early in their formative years. The religious life of your kids is important to their moral values and strength to resist the lures of the other kids around them to sex.

Let me know have your comments on this.


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