How to Raise Morally Upright Kids In These Times

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It is highly important that parents make time for their kids.There is no excuse that is meaningful that should make you leave your children to themselves. Kids are meant to be trained.

The Taks For All Parents

It is no easy task raising kids in this 21st century. This is not to say it was easy to children in the past centuries but what I am looking at, is the way technological advancement had catch up on the way we train our kids.

There was a time in the centuries gone by, that parents have the time to look after their children and they have time to train them. The fathers were working on the farm or in the pen and they could have their children around to help out. Thus,they are with their kids almost 24-7.Even if the children are not old enough to help their Dad in the farm or pen,they could be at home with their Mum and they could have the mother love and care necessary for the kids to imbibe the right moral.

These are not possible in our modern times.When you have the Dad working and toiling from early in the morning till late nights, the kids barely have time with their father. Even when the father comes home sometimes early, they hardly in the right frame of mind to talk to their kids and spend quality time with them. To make matter worse, is that even Mummy also work from morning till later in the day. So, both parents do not have time to teach and train their kids.

This is the reasons many juveline deliquents kids are on the rise. The police are having a hard time curbing the misdemeanor in our young ones. There is more of cantankerous and unruly kids owing to the fact that parents have left their key responsibility to the teachers and society. Here is our children having access to the TV and internet. Many of them find it pleasing to spend lots of hours behind the TV and internet and since they have nobody or parents to control and check them, they pick up so many wrong values and characters from the TV and internet.

The peer pressures that confronts them is another thing to consider. In many of the school and colleges, you have bully groups and deviant crops of students. They regularly face strong pressure from the hippies,gays,cults and the likes. If a child has no parental guidance and care right form his formative years, he or she is bound to join this deviant groups and then become a threat to the society and the nation at large.

Parents needs to understand that no matter the amount of material things they can provide for their kids, that would not instill in them upright moral values. If both are doing jobs that make them too busy, the mother should at lest be able to make sacrifices to get a less busy job in order to be around for the kids. They should take time to study the idiosyncrasies of their children. You need to know no 2 kids are of the same temperaments. Parents needs to know who their kids are and train each of them according to their peculiarities.

Last but not the least, let your kids know God. Take them to a bible believing church where children class are in place to effectively introduce the kids to a personal experience with Jesus. Though, it is a daunting tasks to train children, but as parents it is well worth the effort and time.


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