How to Raise Money For a Good Cause

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Raising money for a charitable event can be daunting. Here's how to raise money for a good cause and get the most donations for your favorite charity.

Appeal to People's Emotions

Getting friends and family to support your favorite cause can be a challenge. Life is expensive, people are busy, and there's a lot of competition among charities. You can overcome these challenges through hard work, creativity and persistence and learn how to raise money for a good cause.
One of the best ways to increase your donations is to appeal to people's emotions. For example, I participate in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life every year. I always tell the story of my mother-in-law who died from uterine cancer several years back.
Tell people why you're so passionate about your cause. If you have a personal story such as the one I have about my mother-in-law, share it. Your chances of getting a donation rise if people can see the impact of their donation and how it can help others.

Start Early

Give people enough time to donate to your cause. I usually start fund-raising at least six weeks to a month before the event.
Some people fund-raise all year long. For example, the top fund-raising team at my local Relay for Life holds fund-raisers all year long. Our local relay is always held in June. This team is scheduled to start fund-raising again this month for next year's relay.
However, year-round fund-raising can backfire. Your supporters may grow weary of attending dinners and making donations for a full year before the event takes place.
This year, I held an ice cream fund-raiser in May and a fast food restaurant fund-raiser just days before the relay was held. That gave people enough time to make donations but didn't overwhelm them.

Use Social Media

Modern technology is a good way to help you learn how to raise money for a good cause. Try sending your appeal for donations through e-mail, text messages and Facebook. Some people use all three methods.
Appealing for donations this way makes it quick and easy for donors to respond. They don't have to write a check, address an envelope, find a stamp and drop it in a mailbox. A click of your computer mouse or I-phone can send the donation through cyberspace and to your favorite charity.
It's OK to make several appeals for donations via social media. Avoid posting about it every day or your Facebook friends will quickly tune you out. Try to remind people once a week at the most.
Also, be cautious when fund-raising at work. Many companies do not allow their employees to solicit funds for charitable causes at work. In that case, feel free to tell your co-workers about your latest cause during breaks or on your lunch hour. But don't send any e-mails or talk about your cause during actual work hours.

Be Creative

The more creative you can be with fund-raisers, the more successful you are likely to be when you fund-raise. For example, one of my sisters-in-law on our family relay team sold rubber ducks for a dollar during the relay. Children flocked to her table - no pun intended!
The number one fund-raising team held all sorts of fund-raisers. Their most creative fund-raiser was selling flip flops. They bought plain white flip-flops with their own money and then painstakingly painted them with anti-cancer messages. These flip-flops were another big hit among donors.
A local agency which helps people with AIDS has a lot of fun with their fund-raisers. Each year, they hold a fashion show of sorts featuring people with wild and crazy hairstyles. In a few weeks, the agency will literally go to the dogs as they hold a fund-raising walk for dogs and their owners. My dog, Casey, and I will join them but that's another story for Wikinut.


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author avatar Delicia Powers
2nd Jul 2013 (#)

Great advice, ideas and page...thank you Connie...

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author avatar Carol
2nd Jul 2013 (#)

Some very good ideas there Connie, and I love your beautiful dog! Great page.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
2nd Jul 2013 (#)

Once again, great!! I'm thinking I may try a Kick-starter or something like it for my children's book project. But it's always great to see how other people do it -- for charity or profit!!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
2nd Jul 2013 (#)

this is quite lovely..the doggie too..

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