How to Properly Treat a Friend

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Like a plant, a friend needs all the proper treatments for them to grow, to be mature, to be strong and to radiate their innermost beauty.

How to Properly Treat a Friend

As I stare at my window,
You’ve captive me by your beauty.
Your lovely color illuminates,
Your spellbound scent,
Enchant me.

I’m not talking about my friend. I’m talking about the flower in the picture. It is a beautiful flower, isn’t it? We’ve many of it in our garden. This flower blooms as a result of proper care, how much more if it’s a person. Friends were given to us for us to love, treasure, respect and nurture. We have a great impact in their lives as they matter to ours. Our advice and influence to them were very powerful sometimes, even greater than their parents’. Many share their experiences, philosophies and even problems not only to their facebook accounts but to their valued friend as well. So in response to this, how will your return this importance that they have given you.

Plant them in a rich soil.

Share happy moments with them. You will both treasure it. I believe that a strong building comes from a strong foundation. In friendship, foundations must be rooted from goodness, loyalty, truthfulness and commitment. Once you’ve already planted them to the rich soil, no matter what happen, they will be able to manage life’s storms.

Water them.

Influence them in a good way. You don’t have to change them to be your friend. Always remind them that they are unique and their water is self-esteem. Self-esteem will help them decide life’s choices without killing their own identity. Uniqueness in them made them original and it will live through agesas long as they have their self worth and water (self-esteem).

Give them enough sunlight.

Make them glow that even the darkness of problems can’t cover their luster. We have the opportunity to encourage them. Give them meaningful and positive advice. Give then guide to decide what they think is more important. Make them realize that they have this ‘energy’ inside them that no one knows how powerful it is. Show them how blessed they are and that God made them the way God wants them to be.

Protect them from pests.

In life, we were all exposed to pests of life. Their aim is to get benefits from us and destroy us later. These pests include temptations, vices, and people who can ruin their life. Prevention is the key. Let’s remind our friends always to avoid them before they cause them irreplaceable damage.

Lastly, expose them to fresh air.

Let’s value them as much as we value ourselves. We should let them grow according to what they prefer. They have a mind of their own. Our only task as a friend is to give advice and the decision is theirs. Fresh air means freedom and space. We must respect it.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Aug 2012 (#)

I feel we should treat our children too the same way. Nice share, Sheen - siva

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author avatar boema6
22nd Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you for sharing this valuable piece of information.

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