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English is the only compulsory subject at Year 12. So why do so many students performance does not meet the required level? What can be done to overcome this problem? Read on

How can improvement be achieved?

Wanting to score higher grades in the only compulsory subject, does not come without some solid dedicated work. Nevertheless, if you are keen and want to do well but your parents cannot afford to pay for a good tutor to work with you, do not despair, there are other alternatives. Here is one suggestion which will help you greatly and it will take you through to the examination feeling more confident.

What to do

After having read the book at least twice, ask a few good friends in in the same class to form a study group: no more than six. This number is perfect as you can pair off in three groups; any more, it will start getting out of hand. Arrange to meet either in one of the houses on rotation (parents will only be too happy to see such application towards study) or if this is not convenient, meet at the local library. Ask the librarian’s advice as to where you can sit for an hour without being disturbed to discuss the book you are studying. One hour is more than enough.

What to do in each session

In the first session, each member of the group will give his/her own individual opinion on the narrative. The task that the rest of the group has to attend to is to jot down questions starting with ‘why, when, who, what: not necessarily in that order and not all of them if they are not needed. Also take down any other information that might be considered interesting, useful of important It is amazing the different interpretation different people will gain from their reading. This is also the time when you will all find yourself agreeing or disagreeing and this is they you must back up your argument with evidence from the narrative which is one of the crucial part in any essays.

How to formulate questions

Now let us look at forming some questions. Imagine the book is Pride and Prejudiced, one of the questions can be
‘What was the role of the women at that time?
What were the economic conditions?
‘Why was class structure so strict?’
When did women have a right to express their own opinion?
Why was a good marriage so important then?
Why did Mrs Bennet work so hard to get her daughters married well?
How did Mr Bennet contribute to the welfare of his daughters?
Naturally you will have also picked up quite a few clues from your teacher. Make use of them and revise class these notes with your friends.

In conclusion

After four meetings, in which you will have discussed the book thoroughly, go on line and see if you can find some essay questions relating to the book Choose two and write an essay on each. At the next two sessions, read each other’s essay and critically examine them
The extra time working on the book and the constant discussions with other members of the group will expand your ideas and open your mind to new comparisons between the women in that particular period and the women of today
Finally all the extra discussions will make your familiar with what is required to construct a great argumentative essay.
Try it; you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


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