How to Meet Your Wives Emotional Needs???

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Here are some of the common emotional needs that women have. Keep in mind that this is a general list to help get you started...

Here are some of the common emotional needs that women have. Keep in mind that this is a general list to help get you started...

Some of the things listed may apply to your wife, while other needs may not. Too, the way you meet that need will vary depending on your wife's unique makeup.

1. Time

Women want to be with their man. They enjoy it when we spend time with them. They don't necessarily care about how the time is spent, or how much quality is in the time. They just want to spend as much time as possible with us. So, make an effort to be with your wife. You don't have to do something elaborate. Just be together. In the process of being together a lot, many surprises come along to make the time enjoyable as well.

2. Deep conversation

As men we prefer to keep things on the surface. Nobody gets hurt that way. Nobody, except our wife. Your wife wants to learn who you are. She wants to know your inner thoughts, your struggles, your pain. So, quick, easy answers won't cut it. If she asks about your day, she wants to know all the details. Spending time together allows for these conversations. Since it takes awhile for many men to open up, you might consider spending enough time with your wife to allow time to open up. If you are a woman reading this, I encourage you to make it as safe as possible for your husband to open up, as this will be a struggle for him.

3. Protection

Women feel secure if they know that their husband is watching out for them. Whether it is checking to see if all the doors are locked at night, or taking steps to protect her in another situation, she wants to know that you are going to protect her. By the way, this doesn't just involve physical protection. She needs emotional protection, and protection from people who may be harrassing her or in some way making life difficult for her. You can protect her by standing up to that person and letting them know that your wife is to be treated with respect.

4. Connection

While this could be understood in the point on deep conversation, I listed it separately so that you will understand that your wife wants to know that you are connected with her. When she talks, listen with interest. Be emotionally connected. Men can often be phyically near their wife, but emotionally far away. One way to help you to connect with your wife emotionally is to ensure that you are not connected with another woman emotionally. You can have an affair with another woman without ever having sex with her by being emotionally connected to her. Keep your connections physically, emotionally and in all other areas of your life for your wife only.

5. Support

Women want to know that no matter what that their husband supports them. When your wife has a bad day, be there for her. Listen to her without judgment or frustration. Support her in any way you can, whether that is verbal, emotional, or other ways of supporting her. Encourage her, rather than yelling at her or blowing her off. Take her struggles seriously.

6. Praise

How often do you praise your wife? Do you speak well of her in front of the children? Are you her biggest fan? If you find it difficult to praise her, start taking notice of all the little things she does well and make a big deal out of it. She will feel emotionally charged from this simple action.

7. Romance

Women thrive on romance. If you aren't very good at romance, there are good books on the market that will give you ideas to romance your wife. I am not talking about sex here. Romance is the action of spend loving time with your wife. It is the action of winning her heart all over again. Though you are married, you still need to win her heart. There are many ways to do this. A simple way to find out is to ask your wife what she likes, then do it. You may not be the romantic type, but your wife wants to be romanced, so become the romantic type.


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