How to Make this Year Different from the Ones Before

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This is for everyone who want make to live this year differently form those they have had before. It is a matter of your decision to know how you will live a fulfilled year this time around.

The New Year Nugget for Fulfillment

Happy new year everyone.All my fellow wikinutter I pray this year would be a year of fulfillment and accomplishment for you all.
But one thing will be missing for everyone who would want to have fulfillment and accomplishment if you leave this out of your life.
I know everyone is expecting to see things he couldn't do last year get done and be a success at it.This is because every fulfillment and accomplishment must have a foundation to stand on so that it could be a lasting one.Not just for you but people around you.

For many fulfillment is elusive,let alone accomplishment.
It is because many of us don't know what we need to do to be fulfilled. we many times than not based our fulfillment and accomplishment on the material.Things like brand news posh cars,palatial houses,in vogue clothing and the likes are what many see as being fulfilled.

Have not seen or heard about people who owns this material things and yet they are always in a melancholic and sad state every day?

A good example that comes to my mind readily is Micheal Jackson.He is an epitome of fulfillment and accomplishment by men standard.He has fame and fortune.Yet he was not a happy man.Look at how he wanted to cover us his insecurity doing plastic surgery yet he died taking drug overdose.

So,fulfillment is not a physical things it is spiritual.It is a state of the mind that rub off on our overall outlook.

How then do one get fulfilled in this new year?

There are 3 pillars that you need to erect for you to be fulfilled and accomplish much this year.

-Good Health

First thing is for you to have drive.That is something that pushes you on towards you accomplishment.Your passion will tell you what you mission in life is.Many are never fulfilled even though they might have reached the zenith of their career,all because they were doing something they never were passionate about.They lack the drive but they were doing it just to either please friends or family.

You will never attain fulfillment if you do what you never loved or have drive to do.There will be a big vacuum in your life don't follow your passion.

The next is vision.Your vision will tell you what you love doing and how to make success out of it.Vision is like your roadmap that point you to where you should be headed in life. The bible talks about vision and in Proverbs it says,where there is no vision,the people perish.

If you don't know your purpose in life and how to get there, it is better you were not born at all. so this year do get a vision.

Good health. You will have to care about how well your body is if you will find fulfillment. Many of us never bother to care about this at all.Remember, the old long saying:"your health is your wealth." If you get sick often and you can barely complete any task without gasping for breathe, how can you fulfill your vision and where would your drive comes from.

Watch what you eat because you are what you eat. Eat more of whole foods and less of processed foods this year.Add daily exercise to your routine and surely your body will be able to accomplish his vision.

Last but not the least.It is the most important of them all. Seek God first and His righteousness.Without God taking the lead in your life,your life will be empty and unfulfilled.

God made you even in His image and likeness.That is,His ultimate purpose of making you is that you become a memeber of His family.The God-family. By birth we just creatures of God not children at all.This is because every man that sins is not a child of God.

The bible says,in 1John 3 vs 8,that the devil has sinned from the beginning,for this purpose the son of God was manifested to destroy the works of the devil.He that practice righteousness is of God and he that practice unrighteousness is of the devil.

So, you see that except by accepting Jesus the son of God and appropriating his death and resurrection by believing that He came to set your free from sin,then only will your become part of the God-family,sons of God.

I hope you meditate on this things and put then to use this new year. I wish all the best.

Happy new year once again.


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