How to Make Your Children More Physically Active

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The common problem of today’s children is how to keep their bodies physically fit. Staying long hours at the phones, TV’s, and computers keep their body in stagnant positions and thus increasing the risk of health problems.

Lets get Physical

It’s never too late for your kids to get into physical activity. To start with, get your kids butt of the couch, turn off that phone, the TV, and computer, and instead, let him/her work on their studies and get some physical activities. This is the best way to spend a weekend or holidays for children and students. It is important so they can keep their body and mind healthy. With physical activity, they wouldn't fell or look bad. It’s time to get right into it and see why it’s cool to be fit. Lets get physical.

Your kids may ask, what’s in it for me? or how cool it is?

Well, these are the several things they benefit with physical activity:

1. Happy as a bee. To feel happy, they should try to be as active as they can be. Because being active is a most excellent way to fell happy, whether they do it on their own or with a group. If they worried a lot about school, or had a tough day at school, a fight with their friend, or just fell kind of blue or stressed out, moving their body can help them relax and feel better.
2. Breathe deep. They tend to breathe better when they are in to physical activity. This helps bring more air into their lungs, and their brain likes extra oxygen. This way, they can think better and clearer and always makes those positive decisions.
3. Less worry. Being physically fit and stay active, it will keep off the things that are bothering them. It will make them fell better about their-selves, too.
4. Figure conscious. Growing kids tends to become overweight; therefore physical activity can also keep their weight healthy. Every time they eat food, their body does the same thing: it “eats” the nutrients in the food as fuel. These nutrients they burn in their body through physical activity give them energy. If the body is not able to use all the calories that are coming from the food, it stores them as fat. Physical activity helps keep their weight right for their height by burning up extra calories. When they are active, their body uses that extra fuel to keep them going strong.
5. Keeps your heart pumping. Physical activity also makes your kids heart happy. Since the heart is the hardest-working muscle in our body, they need to exercise to help it pump blood normally through the body. Aside from these, physical activities make them stronger. As muscles get stronger, they can do more active things for longer periods of time. And strong muscles also help protect them from injuries when playing because they give better support to the joints. Joint is where your bones meet.
6. Flexible body. Are they flexible enough to touch your toes easily without yelling “ouch”? If so, they’re pretty flexible which means they can bend and stretch their body without too much trouble. Being active will also make your kids flexible. But as people get older, they tend to get less flexible, so that’s why it’s important to be active when they're still a kid – to stay flexible. When they are flexible, they can play harder without having to worry about getting sprained and strained muscles. Remember, it’s very easy to find other things to do if they are flexible.

Benefits of being physically fit

Being physically fit is important. Kids can eat good food but they also have to move their body to keep it strong. Many of the active game you're kids like to play are good exercises. Swimming, running, skating, walking, bicycling, dancing, and jumping rope are all good ways to keep it. Sitting in front of a television set won’t even exercise their eyes! They need to move everyday. Take a walk to music. Pick some of their favorite music and make up some dance movement to it.

And lastly, getting into physical activity doesn’t mean they will have to work hard and force their muscles. They can actually do it with fun. Playing sports and doing exercises are enough to keep them physically fit. So, why not try it today because it’s never been too late.

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