How to Make A Woman HAppy In Bed

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This is an appeal to all intimate partners of women out there. Please make the adventure special. Make it worth taking and remembering. Women want to feel special and not just a toy for men. Intimate moments require special attention. Here are some tips to make women happy in bed.

Intimate moments require special attention

First of all, everything here requires respect. Whether you’re a man or a woman tasked to make your partner happy in bed, remember that it all starts with respect. The most important secret to a wonderful time with your woman in bed is to show respect. We are not just toys for you to play with. Nor are we just some object to release your libido. We require an intimate connection, more than just the physical. Now, that’s said, let’s get to the fun part of intimate encounters

The foreplay
There’s more to the sexual act than just reaching the climax. More men finish ahead than women. I can’t back this up with a research but, just recall the last few months of your time in bed with your partner. Suffice to say, it’s not a race. The art of foreplay is not something every guy out there masters. These are the gurus of sex. But, a little training and practice will definitely help.

Moreover, remember that the trip to the great “O” is as fun as the climax itself. Subtle touches, exploration and not to mention a little teasing can arouse women. Our bodies have numerous key areas so explore them before thrusting yourself into us. We want you to explore us and tease us. Wait a few minutes or so and let us beg you to want more. The art of foreplay is a seductive play that you should learn.

It’s a partnership
The pleasure should be mutual, not just one sided. The sexual act is one of the most intimate encounters anyone can experience. It’s giving yourself to someone you really care for. As such, learn to give and take. It’s not just about you anymore. It’s about how both of you can take an adventure together.

Some women want to be touched in certain ways. As the partner, you should know these things. Likewise, women must know how to make you happy in bed as well. So tell us. There is no formula to making someone truly satisfied in bed. Knowing the positions, erogenous and the like are insufficient is one thing – and it falls short. It’s taking all these and creating a symphony of movements that both of you will orchestrate.

Make an effort
Sex for many women is more than just the act itself. It’s the whole nine yard of seduction to closing the deal and the follow through afterwards. Making an effort to make us feel special will definitely earn you points. Setting the mood through lights, music, a little teasing and similar efforts will pay off. Remember that the whole sexual experience is experiential and emotional. The more senses that are involved the better. The more emotionally involved you are can arouse us more.

So if your idea of extra effort is simply taking a bath before the whole encounter, then you’re sorely mistaken. Try, dressing up the room, choosing the right mood music (death metal music is quite a turn off for many for this purpose), or do whatever your partner really enjoys.

Be creative
The sexual act is not a mundane chore that you have to do. Rather, it is a special moment together. Yes, even if you do it every day; make sure you have something new in store. So be creative. OK, this is quite difficult to go into details since many women have different preferences. But the ultimate goal is to touch the imaginative side of your partner. As one of my professors in college once said, the brain is the most important sexual tool anyone has. Here are some suggestions. First, do it in different parts of the house. Also, I won’t recommend doing it in public but add some thrill to the adventure. Some women and men get aroused with the thought of being caught so use your imagination. Also, you may want to explore with toys and similar paraphernalia. Furry cuffs are sexy and can be used in many different ways.

The most important part is to talk about it. Some women are willing to do certain stuff, while others won’t even contemplate them. Talk about your fantasies and indulge those primal urges.

Remember that every woman is different. You will arouse and satisfy one with certain strategies while bore others. The secret to making women happy in bed is to know them. It’s surprising how many men assume that they are gods in the bedroom but fail miserably.


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