How to Love Your Family through Consistent Acts of Love

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This article provides real life application for demonstrating acts of love, primarily for family but applicable across all relational contexts. Attention is directed to communication through phone calls, asking questions and writing letters.

How to Love Your Family through Consistent Acts of Love

This is how I show love to my parents. Clyde Crawford, Jr. is my father. He is 84 years old. Betty Jane Crawford is my mother. She is 79 years old. My parents live in Gamaliel, Kentucky. On July 4, 2013, they will have been married 62 years. I am one year younger than their marriage. I talk to my parents a couple of times a week, sometimes more. We are separated by more than 1700 miles. I live in Arizona. My parents live in Kentucky.

Communication with Parents

Intentional Communication is a consistent act of love. I write my parents letters. I talk to them of being thankful to be their firstborn and their son. I express gratitude for all their investment in my development. They raised my brother, my sisters and I in paradise.
Agriculture was our industry. We grew tobacco, corn, cane, and wheat. We had cows, pigs and chickens. We lived surrounded by forests. We grew all our own food on the hoof, in the trees, in the pond, in the orchards and in the garden.

Learn by Asking Questions

Asking questions shows interest and is a consistent act of love. Thinking of my parents last night, I realized there were things I did not know. Where would they travel if they could? What are their favorite foods, and colors?

This morning when we talked, I learned my father’s favorite color is red. Incidentally, red is my favorite color. His favorite food is ham and his favorite dessert is banana pudding. Both our life numbers are two. We are both first born and sons. If Dad could travel anywhere, he would like to go back to the site of his honeymoon, Cincinnati. He pronounces it CincinnatUH. When I asked him to tell me three words that best describe him, he said, “a good memory, kind, and observant.”

Mother’s favorite color is pink. Her favorite food is fried chicken. I guess I know where I got that. Her favorite desert is chocolate pie. I liked them too growing up. Mother is also a firstborn. She is happy where she is and has never been one with a passion to go see, or be other places. The three words that she chose that best describe her are kind, thankful and explorer. She explores other worlds through her passion for reading.

Write Letters

Writing letters is a consistent act of love. I did not send my mother a birthday card on April 24th or for Mother’s Day. I wrote her letters. I write my parents so they will have as much sensory experience as possible through the tactile touch of the letter, hearing my voice through the words, and the knowledge I care about them to stop life to write to them something they can hold while they feel.

The Rev. Dr. Leon Troy, Pastor Emeritus, Second Baptist Church, Columbus, Ohio says it best. He says, “Love is not what it says. Love it what it does. “


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author avatar Wendy Porter-Ouellet
2nd Jun 2013 (#)

What a lovely tribute to your parents Oscar, I could feel the love you have for them in your words. One of the few regrets I have is that I did not write down all that my parents told me, taught me, showed me, during my lifetime. I had always thought there would be more time with them (don't we all think this?), wanted to record the stories they shared with me about their childhoods and young adult years, but sadly, I did not get that chance. My parents died within five years of one another, back in the 90s and I miss them every single day. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words.

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author avatar Oscar Crawford Media
3rd Jun 2013 (#)

My family and I managed to work through all our issues years ago to get to love and it is something I am so thankful for.

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