How to Impress Your Girlfriend’s Parents

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In a relationship, the hovering possibility of a big fight is a lot better to absorb than being introduced to your girl’s parents. But you can’t postpone the inevitable. You have to face them. Here are tips on how to keep yourself together in front of your possible future "in-laws".

Impress Your Girlfriend’s Parents

One of the scariest and horrifying thoughts associated with dating is finally getting to meet your girlfriend’s parents. This is probably the only time mothers turn into stern eye-piercing wraiths while fathers amplify their ever menacing appearance with the thought of you going out with their beloved baby girl. So how can you change the stakes in this seemingly losing situation?

You can impress your girlfriend’s parents the first time you meet them by following a few simple guidelines. Do not attempt to change your natural self or you will only risk having your girlfriend surprised as well keeping her from helping you make a good impression. You just have to be confident and be respectful in more ways than one and you’ll soon be expecting another invitation.

Here’s how:

Exude Confidence

There’s nothing more appealing that can reduce the threatening image parents try to imply than a confident young man feeling pleased to meet their presence. Stand tall with your head up, wear that big smile and offer a firm handshake.


After having an overwhelming first sight impression, avoid looking too arrogant by showing respect. Be polite enough to say, “I’m pleased to meet you sir/ma’am.” Maintain a pleasant and welcoming attitude that says you’re privileged to finally meet such a wonderful couple who raised the beautiful woman you’re dating.


Your physical appearance just might be the very thing that will pave the way to a smoother time with your girlfriend’s parents. Take more time to work on your clothing and accents like wearing pants instead of jeans and putting on a collared shirt instead of your usual t-shirt.

Give them the impression that you dressed for the occasion but avoid overdressing or you’ll only appear to want to please them so much that they’ll take advantage of you very soon.

Bring A Gift For Your Girlfriend

If you’re invited to their home, bring a bottle of champagne or a basket of pastries. If it’s a restaurant, bring some flowers for their daughter. Presents will give them the notion that you’re the type of person who knows what to expect or how to act in different occasions and that you can take good care of their daughter.

Good Manners

Maintain proper etiquette at all times. Open the door for them or ask to pour their wine. Make sure you don’t talk while chewing. It may help to research a little about some table manners so you’ll know how to work your way around several forks and knives or how to use chopsticks if it ever comes to that.

Lively and Healthy Conversation

Aside from showing your good looks, show that you have the brains and wit by striking up a healthy conversation. Feel free to ask them questions about their daughter, family, work and also be prepared to answer their questions about you and your background.

This may not be the perfect time to share very personal information about yourself but give a few relevant details. Do not be afraid to tell a few wholesome jokes if it matches the mood.

Do not rush in saying goodbye even if it can be the most relieving part of the whole meeting. Stay if they ask you for some TV or coffee time, walk them to their car if you’re dining out and most especially, tell them you had such a wonderful time and that you look forward to the privilege of meeting them again.

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author avatar Denise O
4th Dec 2010 (#)

Now, where was this article when my kids were dating.
So I would be able to print it out and have the kids give it to every young person they dated. LOL
Actually, we were pretty lucky ...only a few fools.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Deston R.
13th Sep 2011 (#)

This will really help but I am wondering how to do this if your girlfriend's parents don't want her to date anyone.

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author avatar STylersSXS
29th Oct 2011 (#)

Take her to a carnival and win here a teddy bear with this :P

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