How to Hold Onto Mr. Right

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A quick list of ideas I have used in my life that I wanted to share with others.

How to Hold onto Mr. Right

If you have search high and low for Mr. Right and you finally caught him, don’t release him by accident. Accidental “Catch and Release” could be your dilemma if you think there is no more work to be done once you found Mr. Right. Some times we take for granted our loved ones and we don’t realize how we are treating them until we lose them or almost lose them. I have been there and realized pride is the enemy to keeping my guy. Be careful of this.

I married in my early 30’s and when I did, I realized I needed to work at keeping our relationship fresh, new, and exciting.

I have always been an avid television watcher as well as a people watcher. I often enjoy sitting down and watching others. My tips are from years of watching how some women nag, yell, or even insult their men in public as well as working in a male dominated field with over 200 guys when I worked for a transportation company back in my 20’s and I heard from them what not to do as well as good tips to do.
I also love books and listening to Dr. Laura back in the day. I don’t listen so much now as I have toddler activities all day now. That and I am 9 months pregnant in my 38th week. Yeah me!!!
So if you are serious about keeping your guy or you know someone who needs help with keeping their guy, or you are the guy, try these tips or pass them on.

1. Read before you get married,“ The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands” by Dr. Laura Schlessinger with an open mind. Some women may not be open to her straight forward advice, but if you are serious about keeping your guy I would and did.

2. Don’t get into the accusing dialogue. “ You did that, you said you would……..”
If you want something to be heard, you need to reword what you say starting with

“ I feel….”

3. Don’t nag. Let him deal with the repercussions and figure out his mistakes on his own.

4. Get interested in his interests early. Who knows you might even like football more than he does. I found that I really understand the game more now and it has brought us closer. I
just love the strategy of each team and how much fun it is to get into it through Yahoo’s Free Fantasy Football.

5. Listen as carefully as he does you or better. Hearing is not listening. Hearing is basically taking in sounds. Listening is a skill which requires you to understand and process what
he is telling you into a reaction or comment.

6. Choose Your Battles: as you get to know each other. You will know which battles are not worth winning and which can hurt your relationship, which will grow it, and which will
help you improve it. Not every item is worth fighting and arguing about.

7. Surprise Your Guy with something he likes from time to time: beer, candy, a movie, etc.

8. Keep up your Appearance : guys are visual. Just because you have him, don’t get
complacent, but do it for yourself. Guys are window shoppers and let’s keep it on
your window.

9. Be Honest. Lying never solves everything. If he can’t be trusted with the truth, then why are you with him.

10. Make Time. Now that you have him, don’t toss him aside with a hectic schedule. Guys want to be appreciated and shown through ACTIONS that you care.

11. Be Interesting. Don’t keep repeating the same stories over and over again.
12. Have your Own Life: be Independent and yet be together. Guys don’t tend to want an overly needy woman to watch after. They need freedom to pursue their interests and friends too.


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