How to Get Close to Your Girl ?

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Many people get scared of approaching a girl they like

Approaching Girls

Approaching a girl you like is not easy isn't it? Most men are scared of tackling girls they like as they fear of getting rejected or for some other reasons There was a friend of mine who had this problem of getting nervous on facing his girl. It is not that my friend has fallen for her beauty as the fact was she was also not that beautiful, but love is blind isn't it?. So one can fall in love with anyone and at anytime. It doesn't mean that opposite sex should be very attractive here, as they can get attracted to any of the qualities they possess. I have also noted that most of the guys who do get scared of girls they like will not be having any loving sisters at home. Can this be one of the reasons for guys getting scared of approaching girls or even moving out with girls !

Make Her Your Friend First

Remember one thing-when you are really in love don't let her know about your feelings in the beginning day's though feelings will be there in your heart. Be casual while talking to her and talk about her life and take interest in sharing happy things as well as sad things of her life. This will make her open up more and will talk to you casually. Later on, she will also start asking about your life. First be a good listener to her as you can always have them listen to you later. Let the day's pass like this and you can see drastic changes in you as the time passes on.

Be Funny and Humerous

Laughing is the shortest way of getting close to anyone. So, be funny and share your sense of humor while talking to her as laughing can get two people close to each other very soon. Just talk about the funny incidents happening in and around and you can also talk about the funny characters in movies etc. This will make you get more closer to her. Give some time to her to know you completely and only then she will be more comfortable in talking and even moving out with you. Once you both understand each other, be confident while taking her to restaurants or shopping or to any place you like. Don't be people conscious while moving with her as this will make her nervous. Any girl will accompany a guy who is confident and don't ever show your nervousness when moving out with her


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