How to Develop Your Child's Talent

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Is talent inborn or is it learned? There are a lot of arguments that people say about this but in reality it's a little bit of both. There are children that are exposed to talented parents that they tend to mimic the special skills of the people that they look up to. The parents must be quick in finding out those signs that they will use to develop their child's talents so that they will put them right away to a path of excellence.

Learned or Acquired?

There are a lot of talent shows that we see on TV and most of the time, a child goes up on stage and starts to display his or her talent. Their talents vary from singing to dancing to doing something that no one else can easily perform. How does a child acquire a specific talent? Is it something that he or she learns or is it something that's genetically passed on to them by their parents?
Talents in general are a mixture of both. They are learned because through practice, they are perfected and partly influenced by what they see from their parents. If a child grows up in a family that loves to play musical instruments or sing, you'll notice that the children will do the same. At a very young age, children mimic the people that they admire. Parents must be quick enough to see this and exploit on them to further enhance a child's talent.

Watch a Child's Stare

It is very hard to capture a child's attention. When you capture it, they stare and stick to it like glue. This is the start of discovering what a child's interests are. The next thing that a child does it imitate what caught their interest. Those that they want to develop within themselves are tried through play. If you see your child singing a song or copying the dance steps of a famous group, that means that the child wants to learn it and as a parent, you have to nurture it. The stare a child makes means he or she is curious about it and wants to know more about it.

Initiate the First Step

Parents who immediately capture their child's interest find ways to get the ball rolling. Nobody becomes an overnight star. You have to start from scratch. Children who can sing a fine tune are taught to vocalize and hit high meaningful notes. If a child likes to play a musical instrument, show them how to get started. Show them how to play a chord on the guitar and give them a fret scale to follow and understand. At this point, there will be frustrations that may come. A child can easily realize that playing the guitar is not as easy as holding the neck and strumming the chords. They can’t do the rhythm as good as you can or pluck the notes as good as George Harrison.
Teach them to develop the patience and to go on trying. Push them to face their frustrations and try again. Do the notes with them one at a time. If they know that you are at their side, they'll try even harder. Show them and let them do the same thing you did. Encourage them with a story that’s similar to what they are trying to achieve. Don’t make up one, make sure it’s something from your personal experience. Tell them the lesson you learned from your own failures. Make sure to point out to them that you didn't quit and they shouldn't, too.

Appreciate Their Initial Failures and Attempts

A child who believes that he or she has done something right will immediately seek the approval of their loved ones. They'll run to you and show you what they can do. Their first attempt to please you is very important to them. When they show something to you for the first time, no matter how bad it is, act as if it was the best you've ever heard.
When my daughter showed interest that she wants to learn how to play the guitar, I did exactly that. We started by learning a few chords to a song and showed her how to strum them. Then one day, she came up to me and showed me if she got it right. At first, it wasn't perfect, but I never said it was bad. I smiled, kissed her and told her that it was very good. But we can make it even better. After a few days, she played the piece she was practicing to perfection. Don't get mad if they can't do it right the first time. Even verbal abuses will have a negative effect on the talent that you want them to develop.

Practice, Practice and More Practice

Repetition is the key to perfection. Everything that a child learns like singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument will require time to practice. Singers sing a single song until the song itself becomes part of their soul. They learn the cue on when to start and how to finish it one step at a time. Dancers rehearse every step in a dance routine so that when they put it together, it's flawless. Ballet dancers of Swan Lake practice every day just to make sure that when they perform on stage, the audience will clap their hand in appreciation of the show. Stage performers in Broadway do the same, day in and day out. Playing a song in a guitar will require rehearsals at well. You have to play the guitar until each finger aches. The bar chords are difficult but you have to practice them to obtain mastery. Repetition helps develop habits. Once an act becomes a habit, it comes out naturally.
Just remember to develop whatever interests your child has. Don't force on them things that interest you because in the end, your child won't put their heart and soul on it. Talents that are admired are those that come from a person's heart. To put it there, the doer must want it first to enhance it.


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Well written post, Dondi. Parents realize now how to nurture the talents of their children. Earlier times we were told what to do. Children were seen and not heard and many talents just died within us - siva

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