How to Captivate a Child's Imagination through Reading

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How can reading compete with the world of technology? This generation of children are fortunate to be part of the technology explosion and to be technophiles, but parents and carers it is also vitally essential for children to know how to be creative and to use their imaginations.

Technology versus Reading

My 14 year old son is a complete technophile. He started using a computer at 18 months old, because he was so curious about what a computer could do. When he was very young, he was just as interested in books as he was in computers and other technology. Now it is really hard to get my son to sit down and read a book. Even as little as 2 years ago, he had quite a healthy interest in reading books. He preferred action books with mystery geared towards male teenagers, but eventually he just stopped reading books. Now he seems to think that Social Media sites are where he should spend his time or playing computer games.

My son is very creative and artistic, but he has to focus on his 10 GCSE Courses and Exams, so he is not really using these skills at this time in his life, as his studies are all important. He no longer does Art, Cookery Lessons, Physical Education or Drama and he also dropped out of the School Choir. I was sorry that he could not continue to do these more informal lessons as after school subjects, but the pressure on children to do well in their GCSE Courses and Exams is seen as more important than any creative pursuits that my son could be doing.

As a Mother, I really miss listening to my son read aloud to me. He used to get so into a book and he would be curious and ask questions that popped into his head as he was reading. He has a fantastic imagination and books used to set fire to his imagination, but that is no longer true unfortunately.

I can only hope that one day when my son has completed his GCSE Exams he will find time in his life once again for books, different mediums of Art to foster his creativity and join another Drama Group locally.


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author avatar WOGIAM
8th Jul 2015 (#)

Congratulations on being author/writer of the day.
I am a parent and teacher also and sad to watch how so many of our gifted and wonderful children are slowly letting go of their love for books and reading as they get so engrossed in technological gadgets.

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author avatar Sugarbaby125
8th Jul 2015 (#)

My now 15 year old son is actually reading a book this week through his own choice and really enjoying it!!!! and normally he does not want to be pried away from his laptop unless it is bed time.

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