How swearing isn't really bad.

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Article about swearing, and the wonders of it. (Take note this may be the start of writing articles with only one section.


People have constantly swore so many times, that it doesn't really make sense. Nowadays, did you know that some of the children swear even more than the average adult? This really depends on what group of kids you are really talking about, but this is a really true! So this article is to talk about the reasons why we all swear, and the reasons that swearing is actually pretty useful. However, most children aren't allowed to say it, yet when parents swear around them, that is were they get their swears. Also from other children that are under the same scenario, then learn it from them. But, swearing doesn't affect anybody's behavior. The nicest person in the world could be swearing like a sailor, while the worst person has never said a swear in their life.

If you think about it, when people manually swear, it is usually to get angry at someone, or express something. However, I have noticed that the only reason swearing is being used so much is because some people believe it makes them look cool. Or people just don't really care what they truly say, because there is nothing wrong with swears. You can easily create a swear in a matter of seconds, where you can't exactly make official swears fast. (It would really be a waste of time to make a swear become official.) Also, swears are usually used in rap battles so that it could add a sweetener to a insult. But remember something, when you add too many sweeteners, bleeping it out would be like making morse code out of it!

I may have already said it earlier, but swearing actually releases your emotions. There has been scientific studies where swearing is actually harmless. Because, it actually helps you feel stronger, and it can make a person feel more resilient. Which can be explained why kids always use it in school. Since school usually works on the "The strongest lives but the weakest dies." So kids realize that swearing can get them out of the "weak" zone so that they don' have to worry about being picked on. Back to topic, swearing has actually worked pretty well for me, and other people out there! So why should we all seclude them from a regular conversation? It really wouldn't make sense to talk about something and having to use swear words to express it!

Swearing is literally just saying something mean to somebody else, but in a different way. The F word's synonym would easily have been intercourse, however it doesn't really bring much effect into the conversation. Swear words are literally the same level as a regular word in the vocabulary. Since most people were told to not swear at a young age, that is more than likely when swearing is highly considered bad. It is literally the same thing as showing something obscene in public, while the same thing, but a tad bit different, there isn't nothing wrong with it. Same thing as turning something purely NSFW (Not Safe For Work), changing it a bit and it is converted to SFW. (Safe For Work.) Also, that is another reason why people constantly make new insults!

Swearing will surefire last as long as we are able to communicate with each other. Also, that doesn't mean that if everyone were nice to each other, swearing would stop like a dead bird. It would still continue, even if swearing was completely banned from throughout the world. But, take note that even if there was a world where there was no such thing as swearing, there will still be a substitute for it. Hopefully some day, swearing can be part of the regular English vocabulary, when words have no affect on other people. Besides, people have always been using a certain phrases so that people would stop being rude to each other. So for the people who believe that swearing is bad, "Words have no absolute worth. They only have a worth if you make them have worth."


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