How old tights can make cute dolls

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This is an entertaining activity that could make a present for a kid (or an adult!) and a good one in cold and unsettled wintry evenings.

How old tights can make cute dolls

When I was a child, my mother used to make me cute dolls, using her old tights. This is the way I learned to make them as well.

Materials that you'll need:

1. Your old tights in whatever their colour. Black ones will, of course, make black dolls.
2. Sawdust to fill all parts of its body such as a legs, head, arms and the body, although, you can use other things such as paper, another old tight, or pieces of cloth provided they're cut in very small pieces.
3. Wool in different colours that will be used to make its hair as shown on photograph.
4. Brown or black buttons to make its eyes, although, she can also have green or blue eyes.
5. Needle and thread to sew the different parts of the doll.

Let's start up with our work

Choose a pair of tights that you aren't using anymore, because they're perhaps torn. It may be enough with one tight, but take the two of them in case one spoils.
Cut the different parts for a doll -two round pieces should be for its head, two longish pieces should be for arms and legs and a square one for the body.
Sew each part together in short stitches and tightly.
Before you fill in the head, you're to embroider its mouth, nose and to stick the buttons that will make its features. Then, fill it.
Proceed in the same way with arms and legs.
When the different parts are made, you'll have to ensemble them, sewing each limb and head on the body.
For the hair, you're to choose the coloured wool you prefer. If, for instance, you want a red haired one, these bits of red wool that you have will suit well.
The hair has to be long enough to make a pony tail or a plait, but you may prefer her to be with a short hair and a fringe.
After the doll is finished, you'll have to dress her up. One needs to be bit skillful with needles and threads, but one can make a short skirt and a blouse, which are always the easiest ones to make and that will be in the same way you made the doll.
This is an entertaining activity and in the same time one to use old tights, pieces of wool and cloth. After you've got practice, you'll made them in a wink of the eye and every child (or adult) will love it.

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