How does your sex life change during pregnancy?

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When having a baby doesn't mean that your sex life is over! Quite the contrary. Learn how to enjoy a beautiful intimacy while bringing a new life in the world.

Do pregnant women should stop having sex?

There is no reason to change your sex life during pregnancy, unless your doctor advises you to do that. Sexual intercourse or orgasms won't affect your baby, unless you have medical problems.

Remember that the fetus is protected in the uterus by the amniotic liquid that surrounds him. The doctor may recommend you not to have sex if you had miscarriages, or other complications such as premature birth or bleeding.

How can I sit comfortably during intercourse?

Once the pregnancy progresses, changing position may become necessary in order to feel comfortable. This can be useful too even after the baby is born. You can use a lubricant based on water during intercourse, if you consider it necessary.

You shouldn't experience pain while having sex. Your uterus will contract during orgasm, but if you have other contractions which are painful, then you should see a doctor. Also, sexual intercourse should be interrupted if you experience bleeding or if your water breaks ( nothing should enter your vagina after your water breaks!) and you should call your doctor immediately.

Communication with your partner

Have a heart-to-heart talk to your spouse: tell him how you feel, if you have any doubts about having sex during pregnancy. Encourage him to share his views with you, especially if you notice major changes in his behavior. Communication can help you both understand your feelings and desires better.

Will I want something else?

It is normal for your desires to change once the pregnancy settles in.Hormones can make some women want to make love much more, whereas others can be less interested in sex than before they got pregnant.

During your first trimester, some women might lose their appetite for sex, because they do not feel comfortable or because they are tired, while other women have the same sexual drive. It depends on the woman.

Give time to intimacy

If the doctor set up some restricting rules for your sexual activity, or if you just don't feel like having sex, remember to give you and your partner some time . Being intimate doesn't necessarily mean having intercourse.Love and affection can be expressed in various ways.

Remember the love out of which your unborn baby was created.Enjoy as much time together as possible.Take romantic walks, have dinner in the candlelight or massage.

How long after the birth can I have sex?

Generally, you can start having sex after you recuperate, after the bleeding has stopped and when you and your partner feel comfortable. The doctor can recommend you to wait until after your first post-partum check-up.

After birth, some women may notice the lack of the vaginal lubricant during intercourse.In that case, you could use a lubricant based on water to alleviate the discomfort.

Can I get pregnant again while breast feeding?

Women who breastfeed can experience a delay of ovulation and period.But ovulation will take place before menstruation,so you could get pregnant during this period. Ask your doctor which contraceptive method is suitable for you.


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15th Dec 2011 (#)

Very informative, Emmanuela. Thank you.

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15th Dec 2011 (#)

My friend found out that, yes, you can get pregnant while breast feeding. Good information on keeping your sex life, alive, during pregnancy. Thank you for sharing.:)

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13th Dec 2012 (#)

Good info for expecting moms. Love and affection can be expressed in various ways. Thank you.

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