How can you entertain kids during long journeys?

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How can you make your long holiday trip by car peaceful with your children? If you read below, you might find it easier further to tackle children with any of these tips and I have also listed out the required that every parent must do or take care to avoid inconvenience.

Travel by Car

The toughest part of any holiday is to travel by car for long trips with young children. The dread of journey “Are we reaching the place?” will never have to matter for parents with toddlers especially.

What can entertain Kids?

Coloring and Books

To entertain kids, you need to prepare entertainment in your car itself with multi-images of funny texture and noises that can make the toddlers laugh. Another fun oriented one, which can keep your kids preoccupied, is to give crayons and sketch pencils for coloring some book.


Plan well before when you must stop for breaks, so that your toddler feels relaxed and does not start crying because of stuffiness and irritation. These breaks, add an hour or two to your journey timings. Yet they are necessary for the toddler.


Listen to what kids will like if they are not toddlers. Every kid loves music. It is better to play something else rather than pirate club.

What should you carry to avoid inconvenience

Get hold of baby nappies and other items required for weeks based on your trip duration. You can also hire from some services, all those essential stuff like the travel cots, chairs, baby baths and buggies from very low cost of 50p per night.

Travel by flight

Protect child’s ears

There is lot of pressure involved for children and adults while taking off and landing. It is very tough for those small ears. So, parents must make sure to either give some bottle or make the baby chew during take off.

Flight attendants will be very happy to help the adults protect their children:

Providing hot towels:

This relieves the children from getting the negative pressure on the ear because heat expands in the middle ear when you place hot towel over each ear.


If your child can, ask him or her to take blow through nose, while you can close the nostrils. This helps in relieving the pressure on the ears.


If your toddler screams, let them. In that way, pressure is relieved on the eardrum, though it is disturbance to other passengers.


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22nd Dec 2012 (#)

my kid loves books and toys. Car rides will never be boring with those stuff

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