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Sometimes Students lose their interest in studies for some difficulties which they face during the lesson and obtain fewer marks in the exams…Here are a few guidelines to overcome the situation...

Study and Students...

A vast variety of subjects and different fields are introduced these days. Various new techniques are being adopted in our education system...but the students have the same senses, brain, aptitude, stamina and time as they had before…


Pay full concentration during the lecture.
Write down small note from lecture.
Ask questions to clear confusions.
Make your own notes.
Discuss with friends.
Consult reference books.
Study regularly even you cover a small portion.
Proceed easy to hard.
Don't leave any part un-understood.

Prepare for your Exams...

Routine Study
Cover all syllabus
Use reference books
Group Study
Give extra importance to important sections
Consult previous papers
Check paper pattern
Manage your time

Eat well and have sufficient sleep...

Objective Type Portion...

How to prepare and Solve Objective type portion of your syllabus:
For preparing objective type you must have gone through all the text.
First try to answer all those Blanks, True /false and MCQs you know confidently,
Then your 2nd attempt for comparatively hard ones… you’ll see a large portion of your syllabus/paper has been covered up, then search for rest of the harder answers...
To pick a right answer from Multiple choice answers some times really a fun...
If you don't know the answers use your guess but, don't leave anyone un-attempted.
Don’t over-write or use correction fluid on the objective type answers.

Essay Type Answers...

How to learn and attempt Essay type answers:
First read all the content thoroughly, underline difficult points, concentrate again and again; you’ll find the right answers.
You may discuss a hard point with your friends too… Arrange points for the important areas of the answer once you got through all the text ….
Learn all the points then at the time of answering paper you may elaborate them in your own words with some additions...
Set paragraphs for each point and allot headings to each new point.
At the end of your answer with all facts and figures, a conclusion in your own words
reflects a perfect answer.

Paper Attempt and Time Management

Some students don't care to manage the time and sometimes they have to leave some parts of their paper unsolved...
Remember you have to attempt all the questions...
Read the instructions cautiously.
Read carefully whole question paper first.
Mark a tick on those questions you want to solve.
Distribute your time according to the number of questions.
Attempt those questions first which you have prepared well.
If you are running out of time, summarize your answers.
Review for corrections your answers twice.

Good luck!

My experience says if you adopt all the measures mentioned above, you will succeed definitely...Wish You a Good Luck!

A Big No...

My advice to all students Do not try unfair means...Though one may clear his exams with some cheating but, a feeling of guilt always will be there in his mind.
Besides, there may be a chance that he would be caught red handed on the spot ...
The result of use of unfair means expel from the exams for several years...


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God, I really need this. Thanks for the tips! :)

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nice info

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