How To Keep Your Marriage Alive

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Simple tips to keep your marriage going strong and improve the quality of your relationship.

Ignoring your relationship

Anyone who is married knows that all marriages have rough patches, and sometimes it takes a lot of work to get out of them.

Sometimes just one person can start doing the work and the rest will start to fall into place. We get busy in our everyday lives and start to neglect the relationship. Children and jobs are the number one reason for this. But parents you must remember that one day your children will grow up and leave to live their own lives, and you need for your relationship to still be good when that happens.

Things you can do

Put the kids to bed early every once in a while and make some special time for your significant other. Even if it is just sitting on the couch watching a movie together it is time that you will cherish through the years.

If your job has you stressed out ask your partner for a massage to relax you at the end of the day, and in most cases this will lead to sex. Sex is possibly the most important part of keeping your relationship alive. If you are not having sex it is usually indicative that something else is majorly wrong in the relationship.

As always communication is very key. If you have a problem tell your spouse, don’t be critical, but talk about how you are feeling, and listen if they have anything they need to say. Feeling neglected and alone in a relationship is one of the top reasons that people end up having extra marital affairs.

Not a fairy tale

Marriage takes a lot of hard work. It is not the fairy tale that a lot of people imagine it to be. You will have disagreements, you are going to argue, and there will be days when you wonder if you really made the right choice.

And always remember anything worth having will not be easy, and if it's easy it is not worth having. In a time when divorce seems like the “it” thing to do, be different, and try to make your marriage work. The vows are "til death do us part", not "til you make me mad".


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