How To Impress A Girl On Facebook Chatting

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Now a day, social networking had become a MUST have media that everyone start their first social life. Yes, you're right! I'm talking about Facebook. Facebook has changed the way we doing thing, especially the way we social and how we pursue opposite sex.

How To Ask A Girl Out On Social Network Sites Such as Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo Messanger

Sometimes guys just have trouble to make the first step to approach a girl or give the first impression to a women on Facebook. Are you looking for some advice and help tips that showed you how to pick-up a girl and impress a girl on Facebook? If yes, then you landed on the right place. Here will share with you some tips about how to seduce and talk to a women on Facebook or other social networking sites like Twitter, IM services or social media.

Before started, you really need to make sure that your targeted girl that you plan to impress and approach is a REAL person instead of some guy that written behind a girl's profile page.

Tips and Tricks: How To Attract A Women On Facebook

Improve Your Facebook Profile and Walls

Your Facebook's profile and written wall history are first impression of other when they try to know more about you. Before really getting started, you have to do something with your profile. Your profile homepage need to be friendly and add-in more welcome messages, so people who drop by can feel you're kind of person that can be friend with. Don't post sexual related stories or photos on your wall

Only provide simple introduction and information about yourself, don't over written something that are not yourself. Be honest, don't display fake information in your profile and abusive language that can damage your reputation.

Facebook's Photo and Profile Image

The second thing that need to improve after your profile's wall is the picture. In order to let other get the good impression of yourself, you need to display your own descent image with smiling face. This is essential part to build out good reputation of you, so you must choose the correct picture carefully. The profile's photo always represent you, so don't display other picture such as pictures of celebrities, actor, cartoon characters, or sport persons.

Facebook's Messages, Compliments, Tagging & Likes

After profiles and photo, then now you can start to express your real personality through out Facebook's messages, tagging, sharing and likes. Start with simple conversation like normal chatting with normal person. Don't too rush to said out main objective, slowly take thing to next level by complimenting her profile pictures. Pay attention on what did she shared, give a like on her shared photos, articles or messages. Showed that you're aware of what are she doing on Facebook, spending time to look at her picture and give compliments such as " I love your picture". Don't said something like " You look hot and sexy!". Once a while, you can send her a greeting message something like " How are you today?", "Good morning" and "are you there?". Be patient to wait for her reply or can post some friendship quote on her wall.

Start With Instance Messaging and Chatting

Once you get familiar with her via messages or Facebook's activities, then you can slowly invite her for instance messaging. You can start conversation about thing you have done. Words are totally matter during conversation and chatting, once you hit the "Enter" button, there are no turning back. So you need to be careful on what you need to talk before send to her.

You can start with something you're interested, but you need to let her become the host and talk first. Don't too rush to show off yourself and try hard to impress and get noticed. You need to know when to ignore here during chatting, so she can miss you. Don't force her to get answer that she don't want to response. At the same time you can ask about her hobbies and what she interested about. You can become a good listener. Relationship can be build slowly by the honesty and sincerity to wanted her to become your sole mate and another part of your life.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
2nd Jun 2013 (#)

All the more reason to turn off chat and live... I get like my picture, tag my picture, you are sexy, you are hot and damn I want to meet you. Its all idle conversation and I run miles from them. None the less, have had a You've got M@il romance, married him with kid too and get all the passes made at me despite it all....

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author avatar Ajay baisoya
6th Sep 2013 (#)

i cant make girlfriends because my talking style is too weak

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