How To Get Your Child To Perform Like An Asian In School

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Education is often seen as the way to solve the many problems. With education, better jobs are available and families look towards education as a means to a better life.

A Personal Observation

Before I begin let me get one thing straight. This is not an East versus West article nor is it an academic discussion. In fact, many of you out there are probably already practicing half the things I am about to write about. This article is written based on my personal views as an Asian and a mother. Having been born and bred in an Asian community, I have come to observe that Asians have a very distinct attitude towards children and education. I simply wish to share this with you. Who knows, it might even give you a little insight on the issue.

The Asian Parent

The Asian parent is very focused on education. As far as the Asian parent goes, a good education will get you into a good (Ivy League) university and hence a good (well paying) job. This in turn will bring about social status and respect. This is what the parent had been brought up to believe and this is what he/she will pass on to the young ones. The parent will do every thing in his/her means to ensure that his/her little charge will be sent to the best school he can afford and hence obtain the best possible education.
If it is true that many parents send their children to the schools nearest to their homes, the Asian parents however, looks for a home near the school he likes best. In the place where I come from, parents will go as far as to register their children into school while they are still toddlers.
Children are introduced to lessons at a very young age too. The three Rs are introduced even at play and activity books are abundant in these homes. Once a child begins school, parents have a hands-on involvement with their children’s progress. Children are encouraged to have pre-set hours for play and study, which are followed vigorously. Discipline, in carrying out these plans, is vital. Although children are encouraged to be independent learners, it is not unusual to find parents going through the day’s lessons with their children. Parents are often are willing to sacrifice their free time to sit with their children to ensure everything taught in school is caught. If there is an examination, the parent will intensify his/her efforts to ensure his/her child can perform. Only when the child is at a secondary level, do children begin to manage their learning on their own.

The Child

The Asian child knows the education is very important. This has been drummed into him from a very young age. He spends an hour or two everyday, bent over his books. While to the uninitiated, this may seem like a tormented childhood, the Asian child is comfortable. This is his/her way of life. He/she does not see it as something forced on him but cultural. His siblings and cousins do it and so does he. There is time for fun and there is time for study. He /she learns to sit, focus and concentrate on his books. This ability to focus will be very beneficial to the students once he is introduced to more complex levels of study. It is thus, not surprising, that these children excel in schools. How could they not?


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