How To Discuss Sex With Your Teenage Daughter

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Parents often make the mistake of just letting the school and experience teach their kids about sex, which could be potentially harmful. Here are ways you can discuss sex with your teenage girl, without the embarrassment.

Sex Education

You’ve probably discussed sex with your child when she was younger or began puberty but things are starting to worry you more now that she’s going to high school. She’s also meeting more people and harboring new and radical ideas that may interest her but not you. You have to make amends and find ways to appropriately incorporate the topic of sex with your teenager.

There are several consequences being suffered by teens nowadays because they were given the wrong information about this sensitive matter. You may hear of rampant early pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, not to mention relationship and psychological trauma associated with the act. You have to know the essentials to guide your teenage daughter to becoming a well-adjusted and aware sexual being. Here’s how.


Return to the books and again show your daughter how changes happen in her body as she matures. Give her vivid examples and the reasons for changes like why and how she’s growing hair in new places in her body or why her breasts are getting larger as she ages.

Explain hormonal changes and the methods how these hormones may induce her sexual energy and appetite. Tell her that there are biological explanations for certain feelings of attraction and arousal like how the hypothalamus, a part of her brain is responsible for her sexual emotions.


Give her a brief and familial look of how human beings need to procreate since the beginning of time. You may let her scan through photo albums of her grandparents and other generations before that to show that she is a product of a well-planned and responsible sexual relationship. Tell her that even though people are meant to multiply, she must be cautious enough to choose a suitable partner to effectively continue the family line.


The association of the brain and your teenager’s emotions must be well explained to her so that she can make wiser decisions for herself in the future. You must let her know that infatuation or real feelings of love still stem from the mind which is why she must protect herself from harboring the wrong idea of having sex because she thought she loves the person.

Let her know that there are several thoughts and perceptions that may adversely change after sex because her mind is still young and unable to handle the situation.


Several people have varying ideas about sex. The modern era has embraced it as a casual expression of attraction but you must remind your daughter to adopt a philosophy about sex that will guard her as she grows. Many of her opinions right now will drastically change when she reaches adulthood so help her build principles that will make her a more confident and smarter individual who can make the right choices.

Guidance Counseling

Emotions can powerfully drive your teenager to engage in premarital sex which may change her entirely as an individual. It is very important that you stress that although sex is an enactment of feelings of love and care, it must solely be shared between husband and wife to be fully enjoyed. Tell her the consequences of her immature actions and how feelings of guilt and inadequacy may begin to dwell after the act.

Sex is a very sensitive matter to discuss especially when your teenage daughter may have started to stand by a few principles for herself. Just be ready to listen and understand so that she’ll be confident that you’re always present to guide and direct her to the right path.

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author avatar joeldgreat
15th Nov 2010 (#)

My daughter is already 10 years old now. I'm starting to teach stage two of the "sex education". Your article will surely help me guide in my teaching. Thank!

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